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Campus Wellbeing for Under 18s

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If you are Under 18 when you study with us, but do not have a parent or guardian to stay with while you are in Sydney, we can help you with accommodation and care arrangements.

You have a choice of accommodation in either student accommodation [email protected] or a homestay that we approve. For more information on accommodation for under 18 students click here

If you are an International Students who is under 18 and applying for a student visa you must ensure that you have appropriate arrangements for your welfare support and monitoring while you are studying and living in Australia. To meet this requirement you have two options:

  1. Travel to Australia with your own Guardian

    Please note those arrangements must apply directly to Department of Home Affairs for Approval (DHA). For information regarding which relatives are eligible to apply as a Student Guardian please refer to DHA website:

    Under 18 Students who are applying for their own guardian must follow the process below:

    1. Email your acceptance form to [email protected] together with:
      1. Under 18 Students Care Arrangement Form and
      2. Student Guardian Declaration Form

    Please note that students who are onshore at the time of application must provide Guardianship Approval Confirmation from DHA.

  2. Apply to UNSW Global for Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) Letter

    If you are issued with CAAW by UNSW Global you will automatically be part of the UNSW Under 18 Care Program:

    This program has been specifically designed to support and monitor welfare of Under 18 students who are studying and living in Australia without their parents. The program uses a holistic approach towards the provision of support to Under 18 Students which means that students are being supported in all aspects of their life and study in Australia such as support with their studies, their health and wellbeing, accommodation and activities outside of classroom. As part of this program U18 students must follow set of specific rules to ensure they safety and to maximise their study experience.

    All under 18 students are required to complete a Care and Appropriate Welfare form (CAAW) on application. On this form you will tell us where you are planning to live and when you plan to arrive in Australia.

Applying for CAAW Process:

  1. Complete Under 18 Students Care Arrangement Form (include link, form to be revised)
  2. Apply and pay for accommodation provider approved for U18 students by UNSW Global. (make it a link to U18 Approved Accommodation
  3. Send the following together with your course acceptance:
    1. Completed Under U18 Students Care Arrangement Form and
    2. Proof of confirmation of your U18 Approved Accommodation
  4. UNSW Global will issue CAAW letter together with Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)

    Under 18 indicative Student Fees 2021:
    CAAW Administration fee: AUD $150
    Under 18 Students weekly welfare monitoring fee: AUD $49 per week

After Hour Emergency Support: All Under 18 students can access support not only during business hours but also after hours. If you require emergency support after hours contact your accommodation provider emergency number. If the matter is serious the Accommodation provider will contact a UNSW Global Student Support Staff who is On Call so comprehensive support will be provided to the student if required.

Want to learn more about our advisers?

Our team is here to support you on your journey, watch the video to get the inside story directly from students about their student adviser experience.

UNSW Global Under 18 Care Program:

Under 18 Student Orientation – Student Advisers will meet with Under 18 students to inform students of supports available to Under 18 students as well as to discuss rules Under 18 students will need to follow

Workshops specifically designed for U18 students: U18 students are offered to participate in a number of workshops related to their health and wellbeing and managing their studies

Regular Meetings with Student Advisers: During those meetings Student Advisers will discuss with students all matters related to their studies, their health and wellbeing, social life as well as accommodation. Those meetings are also opportunity for students to ask any questions or concerns they may have. Student Advisers can also make referral to other support services such as doctor or a counsellor.

Liaising with other stakeholders: Student Advisers work closely with teachers, accommodation and other service provider to monitor student welfare and offer comprehensive targeted support to students

Liaising with Parents: Student Advisers will liaise with parents regrading important matters related to student’s course progress and attendance as well as any health and welfare related issues as well as accommodation matters. Parents are also welcome to contact Student Advisers any time if they have any questions or concerns.

Accommodation Assistance: U18 Students issued with CAAW can only stay in Accommodation approved by UNSW Global. However, if students are not satisfied with their current accommodation or are experiencing any issues Accommodation Team can assist in resolving those issues and if required, assisting with changing accommodation.

Transition to UNSW Process: U18 students who remain U18 at commencement of UNSW Program will be provided with assistance with planning for the gap between programs, securing approved accommodation for the commencement of University as well as providing students with information regarding any seminars they need to attend before commencing at UNSW as an Under 18 students.

If you would like to book an appointment or ask a student adviser a question, please contact us.


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