Fees & costs

Find out the expenses associated with studying at UNSW Global.

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Indicative tuition fees 

You will need to pay a fee for each UNSW Global program you study. The costs below are indicative, which means they may change slightly depending on the year you enrol, your study load or mode.  

All fees below are in Australian Dollars and cover tuition only. 

  • Program  2022 Fees ($AUD)
    Diploma in Architecture $39,040
    Diploma in Business $40,895
    Diploma in Computer Science $39,120
    Diploma in Engineering $39,120
    Diploma in Media & Communications $39,040
    Diploma in Science $39,120


    Tuition fees per unit of credit (UoC)

  • Program  2022 Fees ($AUD)
    Transition Program (on campus) $22,800
    Standard Program  $34,800
    Standard Plus Program  $39,500
    Extended Program
  • Program  2022 Fees ($AUD)
    University English Entry Course (UEEC)


    $570 per week
    10 weeks, $5,700
    15 weeks, $8,550
    20 weeks, $11,400


    Foundation English Entry Course (FEEC) 

    $570 per week
    10 weeks, $5,700

    Tertiary Orientation Program  5 weeks, $2,825
    Essential Academic English (EAE) 

    $570 per week

    10 weeks, $5,700

  • Program  2022 Fees ($AUD)
    Transition Program Online $15,960


Note: The tuition fee that you will pay depends on the calendar year in which you undertake your study in the course. Fees are reviewed annually and may exceed the indicative figures listed, so it’s important to remember that indicative tuition fees shown above are not guaranteed. Any update to fees is effective from the start of each calendar year. The indicative fees listed here are for tuition only – other fees and charges are not included.

Other costs

On top of your tuition fees, there might be other costs associated with your studies at UNSW Global, such as student services and amenities, and health insurance cover. All fees below are in Australian Dollars.

Service Payable when you: Amount ($AUD)
Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC)  Are an overseas student on a student visa. The amount depends on the length of your proposed enrolment period.
Airport pick-up fee
Need UNSW Global to pick you up from the airport when you arrive. 

Under 18 monitoring fee 


Are under 18 and have a CAAW letter by UNSW Global. Payable for the period specified in the CAAW.

$49 per week 
Care arrangements/ Guardianship fee Are under 18 and need UNSW Global to approve your care arrangements and issue a CAAW Letter.  $150
Late payment fee 
Miss paying a fee by its due date.
Administration fee Withdraw, transfer or change your class/stream more than once in Foundation Studies and English language programs.  $300
Enrolment fee  Accept your offer for Foundation Studies and English language programs. Packaged offers are only charged once. $300 
Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF) Enrol in a Diploma Program. The fee covers non-academic services including counselling, career and financial advice, health and food services, sports activities and more. 

Full-time: $105/term


Part-time: $78.75/term 

Cost of living

And if you are going to study on our Sydney campus, you need to consider living costs as well. 

Have any questions about tuition fees or additional costs?