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Ten reasons to live in Sydney

Sunny Day Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sunny, safe and full of opportunities, Sydney is the perfect city for students to learn and explore!

1. It's sunny

It’s warm and sunny even during the winter. The average temperature is between 15 and 27 degrees.

Sydney beach Bondi

2. It’s safe

Sydney has been ranked one of the safest cities by *The Economist.

Sydney street

3. It’s diverse

Over 40% of the population is born overseas. Fun fact - the people of Sydney are called Sydneysiders.

Students at university smiling

4. It’s delicious

Like San Francisco or London, Sydney is a global food city with vibrant food markets and eateries in every corner.

Smashed Avocado Toast

5. It’s never boring

Hop on a train to the Blue Mountains or fly to Melbourne for the weekend.

Blue Mountains at sunset

6. It’s full of opportunities

Sydney, the financial capital of Australia, is the main gateway to Asian economies.

Sydney cityscape

7. It’s easy to get around

Travel to by train, bus, Uber, taxi or drumroll… ferry!

Sydney ferry

8. It’s caffeinated

Trust us, once you’ve had the Sydney coffee experience you’ll never go back.

Two cappuccinos on a table

9. It’s natural

No best beach list is complete without one from Sydney. You’ll also find majestic national parks all around NSW.

Two Surfers at Bondi Beach

10. It’s unique

Finally, we present to you - the Sydney harbour. There’s nothing like it in the world. Don’t miss the iconic NYE fireworks.

Fireworks at the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Asian girl looking at horizon in the bay

"I felt safe in Sydney. Teachers and staff were really nice and helpful. They take care of students and helped me get used to studying in Australia."

- Lu (Vivian) Wang, China

Important Information

*Sydney rated safe city by The Economist



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