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Transition Program

The Transition Program is an accelerated university preparation program which provides a pathway for students who narrowly missed the academic or English language entry requirements.

Academic support

You’ll be supported in your academic studies every step of the way with a personalised learning experience designed to help you succeed.

Language support

Enhanced English skills taught alongside specific subjects matching selected undergraduate degree.

Assisted learning

Develop critical thinking and study skills for a successful transition to university.

Who is this program for?

The Transition Program is a pre-university program designed for students who have narrowly missed out on direct entry to university. It is recommended for those with strong English language proficiency, excellent academic results and a mature and independent approach to studies.

Our teaching style follows university practice with lectures and tutorials. Most tutorial classes have about 18 students, so you will receive the attention you need to succeed. You will also participate in class activities which help develop your presentation skills and give you greater confidence in speaking English.

Program is available for Commerce, Commerce Actuarial, Life Science, Physical Science and Design & Architecture.

To help you choose the best stream and subjects for your Foundation program, and match them to your UNSW degree - please visit our UNSW Degree Choices page.

The pathway

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Program fits in your journey to a
UNSW degree

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High School

Your Year 11 or Year 12 High School


10-20 weeks. Only if required.
Pass grade provides automatic entry into foundation studies program


4 month program for students who did not meet the academic or English entry requirements for university


Your chosen university degree

Dates and fees

EnrolmentFinishStart UNSW DegreeIndicative Fees*
4 January 202123 April 2021June 2021AUD $22,800*
29 March 202123 July 2021September 2021AUD $22,800*
23 August 202110 December 2021February 2022AUD $22,800*
3 January 202222 April 2022June 2022AUD $22,800*

Other UNSW Global fees in Australian dollars (AUD)

Please see Academic calendar for this program here.

^ For this Transition intake, most but not all UNSW Business, Engineering and Science degree programs are available. For a full list of UNSW degree programs that are linked to this intake please view the information contained in the drop down below.

Entry requirements

There are two easy ways to check your entry requirements. View your personalised entry requirements with our calculator or view the full table.

If successful, your scholarship offer will be outlined in your Letter of Offer. The value awarded will be dependent on your level of academic achievement from your previous studies.

Where you'll be studying

You will study in the beautiful UNSW Sydney campus in Kengsington and enjoy access to world-class libraries, labs and classrooms as well as sporting and social clubs.

Progression to UNSW

When you successfully complete your pathway program, and meet the grade point average (GPA) and English language requirements, you will gain entry to your chosen UNSW bachelors degree. If you are studying Foundation Studies and do not meet the GPA required to enter first year, you may have the option to complete a Diploma Program before progressing to second year at UNSW.

Academic Support, language support and assisted learning

We know that studying abroad is exciting and rewarding but can also be daunting. Foundation Studies have been designed to prepare you for the challenge, give you a clear idea of what to expect and make your transition a smooth one.

Foundation Studies are also packed with extra-curricular benefits that allow you to pursue your interests in leadership, sports, culture, volunteering, socialising and much more.

A well-rounded student experience is one that balances academic growth with a thriving social life. In addition to ongoing academic support, you’ll find many opportunities to get fully involved in university life. This will make your experience at UNSW a steppingstone to both academic and life success.

Supported learning

Foundation Studies provides a supportive learning experience for students through:

  • Ongoing assessment:
    Opportunities to demonstrate your learning in a variety of low-stress ways, not just through exams.
  • Personalised learning:
    Receive regular feedback about your progress and receive great tips to improve.
  • Skills development:
    Learn practical skills such as study methods, assessment planning, time management and, importantly, communicating in English at school and at home.
  • Cultural proficiency:
    Learn about Australian culture and education.
  • Digital advice:
    Learn about how to navigate around the appropriate digital tools and resources and how best to use them with your in-class work and out-of-class study sessions.
  • Additional support networks:
    Access to peer support, mentoring and study clubs.
  • Challenge Program:
    A program that consists of a variety of academic, social, wellbeing and cultural events that allow you to measure your progress, have fun and increase your cultural awareness and participation.
UNSW Global has changed my life. The exposure that I can get from studying at UNSW and being in Sydney. I would not be able to get anywhere else.
Foundation Studies

Getting involved

Foundation Studies creates inclusive ways for students to enrich their experience through:

  • Leadership opportunities:
    Become a class representative.
  • Volunteering opportunities:
    Join the UNSW Global Volunteer group.
  • Activities, events and social opportunities:
    Attend a variety of enjoyable events and activities.
  • Touring Sydney:
    Meet your new classmates.
  • Playing sports:
    Join free basketball and badminton sessions.
  • Additional support networks:
    Participate in Peer support.
  • ARC:
    Join ARC as a member or a leader.

Important Information

  • Some UNSW degree programs only offer term 1 entries. Click here for details of your intended degree program.
  • Please note that Commonwealth financial support is not available for Non-Award programs including Global’s Foundation programs and all language courses
  • For international students only. It is recommended that Australian citizens and Permanent Residents undertake the August Transition Program so that they can receive a university offer via UAC.
  • * It is not a foundation program in accordance with National Standards for Foundation Programs
  • * 2021 fees to be confirmed 

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