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UNSW Transition Program Online

Develop the practical skills and confidence you need to thrive at UNSW Sydney in just four months with the UNSW Transition Program Online. We’re taking online learning to the next level to prepare you for university, wherever you are1.

This is a pre-university preparation program and pathway for students to a degree at UNSW Sydney.

4 months
Bachelor’s degree
100% online, delivered on the OpenLearning platform.

Online learning, reimagined

You will connect with your peers and teachers every day, working together to learn UNSW recognised academic content, and develop practical skills for university.

A supportive community

Daily ‘check-in’ meetings in small groups, weekly feedback sessions with your dedicated coach and group assignments will help you move from high school to university learning. 

A connected experience

Don’t let distance stop you from accessing a world-class university education – or making friends around the world. Study with people in your time-zone, and build your own community. 

The pathway

See where the Transition Program Online fits into your journey toward a UNSW degree.

High School

UNSW Transition Program Online

First Year of a bachelor's degree

Who is this program for?

Transition Program Online is for students who narrowly missed the academic requirements for direct entry into UNSW. Being online, it’s perfect for those who aren’t ready to leave home yet or need to gain confidence before starting university – you’ll still progress toward university, with entry guaranteed once you pass the program.

Study differently:

  • Study in your own time zone
  • Dedicated study coaching in small groups
  • Progress to a wide range of degrees at a world top 50 university in four months
  • Make friends before you start university
  • Study university recognised academic content
  • Project based learning

Learning, reimagined

If you want to be a part of an active community of learners and study university recognised content, this course could be for you. With guidance from your dedicated coach, develop an independent learning style and so much more with Transition Program Online. 

Dates and fees

EnrolmentFinishStart UNSW Degree
22 Mar 202109 Jul 2021 Sept 2021
02 Aug 202119 Nov 2021Feb 2022
06 Sep 202124 Dec 2021Feb 2022
29 Nov 202118 Mar 2022May 2022
14 Feb 20223 Jun 2022Sep 2022
21 Mar 20228 Jul 2022Sep 2022
11 Jul 202228 Oct 2022Feb 2023
15 Aug 20222 Dec 2022Feb 2023
14 Nov 202210 Mar 2023May 2023

2021 indicative fees: AUD $15,960

Entry requirements

This program is recommended for those with strong English language proficiency and a mature and independent approach to learning.

There are two easy ways to see if you’re eligible. You can work out your personalised entry requirements with our calculator or view the full table.

Choosing your stream:

Transition Program Online is offered in Commerce, Actuarial Studies, Physical Science, Life Science or Design streams. To help you choose the best stream and subjects for your Transition Program Online, and match them to your UNSW degree - please visit UNSW Degree Choices.

Start your  university  journey without leaving home

Progress to UNSW in four months

When you successfully complete your pathway program and meet the grade point average (GPA) and English language requirements, you will gain entry to your chosen UNSW bachelor's degree.

Personalised support for success  

How you’ll study 

Learn the academic and English language skills for success at a world class university. The UNSW Transition Program Online is a highly collaborative and social experience that nurtures genuine connections while providing dedicated support for students.

You will engage in student-led discussions, group project work and regular check-ins to build confidence and independence in your learning.  

Your online portfolio grows automatically as you learn. Particiapte in independent activities to develop the skills required for future learning at university. You’re assessed on the strength of all your work and activities throughout the course – not just one exam. 

Personalised coaching

Get to know your coach through regular one-on-one and small group check-ins with peers in your time zone. You’ll have lots of opportunities to ask questions and understand the content. 

Targeted support

With your work automatically captured in an online portfolio, your teachers can check your progress and give you individual support. 

Build your community

You’ll study in small groups of students, so you’ll have the opportunity to build strong relationships with your peers from day one. By working together, you’re preparing for university and making lifelong friends.

Important Information

  • Open Learning Global Pty Ltd (trading as OpenLearning) proudly delivers the UNSW Transition Program Online under licence from UNSW and UNSW Global Pty Limited. The UNSW and UNSW Global trademarks are owned by UNSW and are used by OpenLearning under limited licence.
  • 1To study this course, you must have a reliable internet connection and computer with video streaming capabilities.

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