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Australian Studies


Australian Studies* introduces students to social, cultural, political and historical phenomena that have shaped, and continue to influence Australian national identity. This Foundation subject provides an opportunity to develop informed perspectives on local, national, regional and global issues. It engages students in an appreciation of human endeavours and achievements of the past, and how these impact on contemporary Australia. Students of Australian Studies will apply various academic tools used within the social sciences which, when transferred to other contexts, may assist them to better understand and appreciate their own and other societies.



The theme of the course is Australian National Identity. This theme is developed through a study of select aspects of Australian natural and human environment; history; indigenous issues; media studies; global issues, civics and citizenship; politics; and culture including film, art and lifestyles.


Assumed knowledge

The course has no pre-requisite knowledge but previous study in the humanities, such as history and geography, may be advantage. Australian Studies requires an ability to read and assimilate information from a range of different sources including images, media, academic articles, film and oral presentations. A willingness to actively engage in discussion and explore cultures from a variety of perspectives will assist student performance in this subject.

* The Australian Studies 1 course is based on the first semester of the full program.


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