Foundation Studies

This is where your global journey starts. As an international student, you’ll be equipped with the academic foundations, study skills and English proficiency required for success at UNSW Sydney.

1 What it is

Our Foundation Studies Programs include:

  • Extended

  • Standard Plus

  • Standard

  • Transition

Calculate your entry requirements

We've created a brand new calculator that helps you view your entry requirements based on your country and English test.



2 Where to start

It all begins with one question. What degree do you want to study in university? Pick your UNSW degree of choice to determine which stream you will study. Good luck 🙂

3 Tell me more

You've decided on your degree, what next? For those who'd like to delve deeper, see what subjects you'll study.

Simply pick the Foundation Studies (FS) Stream your UNSW degree was matched with from step 2.

For example, if you choose Bachelor of Art Theory, your FS Stream is Design.

  • Arts

  • Commerce

  • Design

  • Science

4 Foundation English Entry Course

If you do not have the English requirements to enrol into the Foundation Studies Program of your choice, you might need to enrol into the Foundation English Entry Course. 

UNSW Sydney Foundation Programs meet the requirements for Foundation Programs which have been registered on CRICOS for delivery in Australia to overseas students providing an academic preparation for students seeking entry to first year undergraduate study or its equivalent.

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