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Diploma in Science

The Diploma in Science fast tracks students directly into the second year of an undergraduate degree of Science at UNSW Sydney.

12 months
Program Code

Direct to Second Year

Entry to second year of your undergraduate degree in Science at UNSW Sydney, upon successful completion of the required courses in your Diploma.

Two Qualifications

Upon completion of your undergraduate studies at UNSW Sydney, you will receive a Bachelor degree in addition to your Diploma.

World-Class Campus

Your classes are on the UNSW Sydney campus with full access to world class libraries, labs, clubs & societies.

Who is this program for?

The Diploma in Science is delivered by UNSW Global, the pathway provider which is fully owned by UNSW Sydney. As a Diploma in Science student you will be studying equivalent courses to first year undergraduates which are accredited by UNSW Sydney, but delivered in a program tailored to international students. You will be able to enjoy access to the same facilities and resources as first year undergraduate students.

After successfully completing eight courses specific to your chosen degree specialisation you will be awarded a Diploma in Science. This will allow you to receive full credit for the first year of your Bachelor of Science program at UNSW Sydney and enter directly into second year of the degree program.


The breakdown

Program Description

The Diploma in Science (CRICOS Course code 095862A) is a 12 month program that will provide students with the opportunity to pursue a degree in Science. Students will need to complete a set of 8 courses within 24 months to achieve their Diploma and receive credit (advanced standing) for first year of a Bachelor of Science at UNSW Sydney.^ The selection of courses students choose, determines the specialisation they will be able to pursue in second year for their Bachelor of Science.


Second Year Science degree at UNSW Sydney on successful completion of Diploma


Term 1: 12 weeks
Term 2: 12 weeks
Term 3: 12 weeks

Contact Hours

Up to 25 hours per week


8 courses (based on specialisation)

"My country's curriculum is not included in UNSW's accepted curriculums. By studying at UNSW Global, I received a chance to continue my studies at UNSW directly after finishing my Diploma Program in UNSW Global, which is equivalent to first-year undergraduate studies of my intended degree."

Claudia Velda Widjaja, Indonesia


Dates and fees

EnrolmentFinishStart Year 2 - UNSW
18 Jan 202110 Dec 2021Term 1 - Feb 2022
10 May 202129 Apr 2022Term 2 - Jun 2022
30 Aug 202119 Aug 2022Term 3 - Sep 2022


2021 Tuition fees: AUD$38,400

View 2021 fees by course here.

Note: The tuition fee that you will pay depends on the calendar year in which you undertake your study in the course. Fees are reviewed annually and may exceed the indicative figures listed, so it’s important to remember that indicative tuition fees shown above are not guaranteed. Any update to fees is effective from the start of each calendar year. The indicative fees listed here are for tuition only – other fees and charges are not included. You can view non-tuition fees here.

Diploma entry requirements

 View the full table of academic and English Diploma entry requirements.

Degree Specialisations

Our courses are equivalent to those taught in the first year of an undergraduate degree at UNSW Sydney. The difference is that you get additional support in honing your English and academic skills.

Choose a degree specialisation to see the courses you will study

“Our diploma courses are based on UNSW Sydney first year undergraduate courses so that students have the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their degree studies.”

Dr. Suzann Malaney
(UNSW Diplomas)

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Important Information

  • Australian permanent residents, Australian citizens and New Zealand citizens are not eligible to enrol in Diploma programs at this time. If a student becomes an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen or New Zealand citizen after they enrol, they must continue to pay international student fees for the duration of their Diploma program and will be subject to additional competitive processes for entry into a UNSW Sydney program.
  • Note: Census date for Diploma Programs to be advised.

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