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Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

What is Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering?

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineers develop products and the machines that build these products.

During your studies you will learn about industrial technology and automation, production processes, finance and decision making, and computer aided design and manufacturing. The Engineering course is designed to provide you with theoretical and practical experience so you are industry ready.

As a Mechanical Engineer you will have the option to work within a wide range of careers from automotive, defence and aerospace to just about any industry that turns raw materials into useable products.

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering as part of your Diploma

UNSW Diploma students will gain hands-on experience in engineering design and programming in addition to learning the fundamentals of mathematics and physics. All discipline-specific diploma courses are equivalent to first year undergraduate courses but students receive added support and will also be equipped with academic and English skills. This will ensure students have a strong basis for their journey into second year at UNSW Sydney.


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