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Computer Engineering

What is Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineering is about the design, development and application of computer systems. This is a constantly evolving industry.

Graduates go on to careers in the development of hardware/ software systems to work with consumer electronics, transport systems, medical equipment, telecommunications and many more.

Computer Engineering as part of your Diploma

UNSW Diploma students will gain hands-on experience in engineering design and programming in addition to learning the fundamentals of mathematics and physics. All discipline-specific diploma courses are equivalent to first year undergraduate courses but students receive added support and will also be equipped with academic and English skills. This will ensure students have a strong basis for their journey into second year at UNSW Sydney.

Computer Engineering Diploma Courses

View the courses you will be studying in your first year at UNSW Global below.

  • Mathematics 1A
  • Mathematics 1B
  • Introduction to Engineering Design & Innovation
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Higher Physics 1A or Physics 1A
  • Higher Physics 1B or Physics 1B
  • Computer Systems Fundamentals
  • Electrical & Telecom Engineering
  • Communication & Academic Literacy

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