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What is Marketing

Marketing is essential to every business in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It is a dynamic function aimed at creating differentiation and competitive advantage for a company. The marketer’s role is to identify and understand the needs and wants of consumers; determine which sections of a market the business will target; design appropriate products, services and programs; develop communication to promote and publicise the goods and or services of a business; and determine the most effective way to deliver the offerings.

Marketing as part of your Diploma

UNSW Diploma students learn the fundamentals required for their future studies in discipline-specific diploma courses that are equivalent to First Year undergraduate courses at UNSW Sydney.

The added support that diploma students receive will equip them with academic and English skills and ensure they are well prepared for their journey into Second Year at UNSW Sydney.

Marketing Diploma courses

View an example of the courses you will be studying in your First Year at UNSW Global below.

  • Business Decision Making
  • Evidence Based Problem Solving
  • Collaboration and Innovation in Business
  • Financial Management
  • Global Business Environments
  • Organisational Resources
  • Value Creation
  • Data, Insights and Decisions
  • Communication & Academic Literacy (CAL)

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