UNSW Global Pty Limited is an innovator and market leader in the provision of education, training and consulting services to individuals, the community, business, government and non-government organisations.

UNSW Global is a not-for-profit and wholly owned enterprise of theUniversity of New South Wales (UNSW).

UNSW Global comprises a number of internationally renowned business groups:

UNSW Foundation Studies UNSW Institute of Languages
UNSW Foundation Studies UNSW Institute of Languages
Educational Assessment Australia Expert Opinion Services
Educational Assessment Australia Unisearch
(Expert Opinion Services)

UNSW Global has managerial oversight of UNSW offshore offices in Singapore and Vietnam. It also manages various offshore initiatives including the Hong Kong based recruitment company, aec Education Consultancy.

Another of our business groups, UNSW Student Services and Recruitment is responsible for the recruitment of students to UNSW Global programs that provide a pathway to UNSW. The group comprises a Sydney based team and supports an offshore office network in Singapore. It also manages the Hong Kong based recruitment company aec Education Consultancy.

News :

Video message by UNSW's new President and Vice Chancellor Professor Ian Jacobs (05/02/2015)

UNSW Global's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Rob Forage, was awarded the 2015 U21 Award to recognise his efforts towards internationalisation and wide-reaching global initiatives (15/01/2015)

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