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Your next steps with UNSW Sydney FAQs



Q: Do I need to take an English language test to get into UNSW Sydney? 

A: As a Foundation Studies student, you will receive your GPA plus your final English score. If you meet your GPA but not your English language requirement, you can meet the English language requirement another way.

The English language test is just one way of meeting the English language requirements. Other ways could be: having met the requirements for prior studies and qualifications, or having circumstances where students can apply for an English waiver.

Visit our English language requirements page to have a look at our policies and how they relate to you and your circumstances. 

Q: When will I receive my offer? 

A. Generally UNSW Admissions will send your offer within 2-3 days of your offer being released, however, please allow for 2-3 weeks for this to happen.

Q: How many programs can I apply for? 

A. You can list up to five preferences in your portal.

Q: Where can I find the information about the programs that UNSW offers? 

A: UNSW Degree Finder provides detailed information about all the programs offered.

Q: Can I apply to change my program after I received a UNSW offer? 

A: Before you accept the offer, if you want to change your program, you need to request for a program change via 

Please let admission team know what program and specialisation you want to change to on your request. Once the admission team have received your program change request, they will assess your application for the program you want to change to and notify you of the outcome. 

Q: If I don't meet the UNSW academic entry requirements for an undergraduate degree, can I apply for pathway courses? 

A: Yes, you can repeat UNSW Global Foundation Studies to then try and obtain the entry requirements required for an undergraduate degree at UNSW or you can undertake a Diploma program. 

UNSW Diploma programs are designed for international students who miss out on direct entry to a UNSW degree and who want to fast track to the second year of an undergraduate degree in Business, Computer Science, Engineering or Science at UNSW Sydney.  



Q: Does UNSW offer scholarships to International students? If so, how do I apply?

A. Yes. All students completing a UNSW Global Foundation Studies program who are issued with a full offer for a UNSW Bachelor degree will be automatically considered for the UNSW Global Academic Award, valued at $5,000 - $10,000 for one year - there is no need to submit an application for this award. Other scholarship opportunities can be found at

Q: Can I accept two or more scholarships concurrently?

A: If you have received multiple Scholarship Offers, please contact UNSW Scholarships for advice. In some instances you may be approved to hold more than one scholarship/award, however these are approved on exception.


Academic Calendar

Q: What is UNSW’s term system and what are the benefits?

A: UNSW has a term system which we also refer to as 3+, which means that we have three academic periods throughout the calendar year. Each academic period is roughly ten weeks, and we call them terms. There are two week breaks between the terms, and a ten week break between T3 and T1.

3+ provides flexibility to students with their study. Students will still do the standard full-time study load, which is eight courses per calendar year. With 3+, it gives more flexibility and options with how they like to plan out their study – they can choose to take on extra-curricular activities such as work experience/internships or exchange programs. Additionally, you can even pick up on an extra subject for a lighter load later on in the year.

We believe that this flexibility allows for enriched experiences that will make our graduates more employable.



Q: What support is available if I’m struggling with my studies?

A: We have a range of support available to our students at UNSW. There’s opportunities for peer mentoring and tutoring to assist you academically. Additionally, sometimes adjusting to university and moving away from home can be challenging, so we have Counselling and Psychological Support services. We also have a dedicated team (International Student Experience Unit) to support International students right from you arrive through to the end of your studies.

Q: Are there advisors I can chat to about my study options?

A: Yes, our friendly Future Student Advisors are on hand to chat to you about your study options. You can submit a question online, or call 1300 UNI NSW.


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