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Diploma Online Orientation

Welcome to Online Orientation!

We have moved UNSW Diploma Program classes online.
You will continue your studies at home with guidance from your teachers through Moodle, our online learning system.

We’re excited for you to join us as a new UNSW Global student. We have developed this Online Orientation guide to make sure that you can easily complete the steps required to start your studies.

Upcoming Orientation sessions for Diplomas

Diploma in Business, Diploma in Computer Science, Diploma in Engineering, Diploma in Science
Orientation session
14 January 2022
Classes start
17 January 2022

Step 1: Locate your GID & ZID

Before your classes commence at UNSW Global, you will need to get set up and familiarise yourself with your new learning environment.

Your G-ID is your UNSW Global Student ID. You can find your G-ID in the subject of your email received from our Admissions team, that contains your Confirmation of Enrolment letter (CoE) or contact Student Services.

Your Z-ID is your UNSW Student ID, you will use this to login to your online learning platform, Moodle and MyUNSW. You would have received your Z-ID when you accepted your offer online.

Please make sure you have completed Accept Online Part 2 to activate your Z-ID before you try to enrol in myUNSW.

If you are unsure of your G-ID or Z-ID, contact our friendly Student Services team!

Step 2: Enrol in your course

The Diploma Enrolment guide lists the courses that you need to enrol in and will take you through the step-by-step process to enrol in your courses.

You will need to enrol in each of the individual courses you intend to study using myUNSW.


Receive an email from UNSW Global which confirms your enrolment date.
Login to myUNSW using your ZID.
Update your details if these are incorrect and enrol in your courses.
Check your emails regularly for updated enrolment information.

Need help? Contact our friendly Student Services team!

Step 3: Complete your IT Starter

Your IT starter will walk you through how to activate your GID and access your student email address. For a step-by-step guide please read the IT starter guide. The IT Starter will be available 2 weeks prior to your Orientation Day.


Find your G-ID on your Condition of Enrolment letter (CoE). Complete the IT Starter steps. Click here to get started!
Log into UNSW's Learning System, Moodle - Please note your courses will be displayed after your program starts.
Log into your student email account.

Need help? Contact our friendly Student Services team!

Step 4: Helpful sessions to prepare you for success

These Zoom links will be sent to your personal email one week prior to your Orientation Day. The recording will also be made available to watch later on Moodle, our learning delivery platform.


Getting set up with Students Services & IT

Join our Student Services and IT teams as they take you through everything you need to do to get set up and ready before your Orientation Day. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about your IT starter, the upcoming orientation, or your enrolment.


Studying Online & Wellbeing

In this session a Student Adviser will share useful tips on looking after your physical and mental wellbeing while studying online.


Parent and Caregivers Information

We invite all parents and caregivers to join this session in which our Student Support team will provide an overview of important aspects of studying online with UNSW Global. The focus of this session is to talk about what supports are available to all students throughout their study journey. Participants will also have opportunity to ask questions about support services.

Need help? Contact our friendly Student Services team!

Step 5: Attend your Orientation Day

On Orientation Day you must complete the Online Orientation steps found on Moodle. These will be available from 9am AEST.

Remember you must also have enrolled in your courses and completed IT starter to activate your G-ID (UNSW Global ID).

You will then attend a few live meetings, where you will meet your academic team and peers and learn about your program. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.


Check your personal email on the morning of the Orientation Day, for steps to access your online Orientation.
  • You will access your online Orientation via 'Student Consultations' on Moodle. Steps on how to access 'Student Consultations' are provided in the email.
  • If you are not able to access Moodle, all required links will be included in the email.
  • If you have not received the email on the Orientation Day, please contact Student Services.
Log into Moodle using your Z-ID and navigate to 'Student Consultations and your Online Orientation'.
Attend the compulsory virtual Meet and Greet.
Attend the compulsory Learning online session.
Attend the Icebreaker Zoom meeting, make friends and get to know your new classmates.

* You will receive all Zoom meeting links by email on the morning of your Orientation Day at approximately 8am AEST.

Need help? Contact our friendly Student Services team!

Step 6: Get your timetable

Once you have enrolled and registered in your courses, you will be able to view your class via Class Registration in myUNSW, simply click 'view timetable'.

Remember to check your timetable every week as some weeks might have different activities for a course.

Step 7: Attend classes

Classes commence Monday 30 August.

Log into Moodle using your Z-ID.
Go to Student Consultations Course.
Read Daily Announcement.
Check in before your first class.
Attend your first class.

Tip: On Orientation Day, your teachers will show you how to navigate to your course in Moodle.

Step 8: Additional Support sessions (optional)

In your first week of classes, you can take part in a range of online support sessions to ensure that you are set up for success. You will receive more information by email.

  • Meeting: Live Support session
  • Meeting: Virtual Private Q&A with Student Services & IT

* You will receive all Zoom meeting links by email on the morning of your Orientation Day at approximately 8am AEST.

Need help? Contact our friendly Student Services team!

Missed your Orientation session?

Your Orientation session is compulsory but if you have enrolled late then you may have missed it. You will still need to complete all the steps above. All online meetings are recorded and available for you to watch. Please contact the Student Services team for more information.

If you enrol within one week of your program start date, you will receive the necessary information to complete your set up and join orientation. Please note if you enrol late, there may be a delay in your account set up. You will be able to access any orientation or course material you might miss. We encourage you to accept your offer and enrol at least two weeks prior to your program's start date.

Need help?

Even though we may be physically distanced we’re still here for you. Make sure that you check your emails and follow us on our social platforms below to keep up to date with the latest student activities and events that you can join!

Technical Issues?

Contact our IT helpdesk for help with your password, Moodle login or any other computer-related or technical questions.
Email: [email protected]

All other enquiries

Contact our friendly Student Services team if you need help with your set up or have any questions.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 2 8936 2222 (Monday – Friday 9:30am – 5:00pm AEST)

Parent information sessions

You will receive a link in your Orientation emails for a Parent Information Session prior to Orientation Day.

If you can’t attend the live session, you can watch one of the pre-recorded sessions below.



问答会:在问答会上,各位家长将有机会与学生顾问团队会面。UNSW Global 学生顾问团队作为学生们的首要联系人主要负责所有学生尤其是小于18岁学 生的福利问题。在问答会上,我们会针对常见问题提供解答。届时,各位家长还 可以就UNSW Global的相关支持服务向我们提问。


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