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Your global experience starts here.

The 2020 Student Guide will provide you with an overview of our leading university programs. It will also give an insight into the supportive and vibrant culture you will enjoy as a UNSW Global student.

UNSW Global offers three unique, market leading university program options: Diploma Programs, Foundation Studies Programs and English Language Courses. 

We set ourselves apart with world-class facilities, engaged teaching staff and highly individualised support for students. To start your UNSW journey, download our 2020 Student Guide or contact your local UNSW Global representative.

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Our student guide

Your global experience starts here. UNSW Global has university pathways programs that provide a seamless transition to UNSW Sydney so you can achieve your academic and career goals.


Our campus, our city

Experience studying on the UNSW Sydney campus and enjoy world-class facilities and a dynamic and diverse university community.


Diploma programs

With a UNSW Global Diploma, you'll be fast tracked to the second year of a UNSW degree program and on successful completion you will receive two qualifications: a Diploma and a Degree.


Foundation studies

With over 30,000 successful graduates, UNSW Foundation Studies is the first and leading program of its type in Australia. With over 30 years experience preparing international students for a university degree, UNSW Global is your pathway to success.


English language courses

English courses for Diploma Programs, Foundation Studies Programs and programs for entry to Bachelor and Master degrees, to prepare you for academic excellence and to help you get a head start on your global career.


UNSW and how to apply

You'll love studying at UNSW Global. Our classes are held at UNSW Kensington and Randwick campuses, conveniently located close to the main UNSW campus and a short bus ride.

“UNSW is a very reputable university in Australia and overseas, especially in engineering. Studying at university allows me to have access to the best teachers and researchers, modern facilities and a vibrant campus. The diploma program allows international students to better adapt to university life.”

SIYI, China, Diploma of Engineering