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Personal Electronic Device (PED)

Bring your own PED to all classes.

You will access your learning materials and participate in learning activities within and outside of the classroom using your own device.


Selecting the right device

In most cases, a suitably equipped laptop or notebook computer is the best option for all study activities.
Other devices may be appropriate as a supplementary tool for different activities depending on their suitability and student preference. Whatever chosen, there are some basic considerations to keep in mind. Download guidelines for more details.

Size and Weight

Devices need to be brought to class daily so the device will need to be a practical weight and size to carry around all day.
We recommend a maximum weight of 2kg.

Battery Life

There are limited opportunities to recharge devices during an academic day, so devices will need to have sufficient battery life to use for several hours without recharging.
An ideal battery life is 10 hours or more.

Why use your PED?

  • Anytime, anywhere:

    you have access to your device, your learning materials and activities.

  • Familiarity:

    you already know how to use your own device.

  • Greater opportunities

    for problem solving and collaboration.


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