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Mathematics for Science


Mathematics (for Science) is a compulsory subject for the Foundation Studies Physical Science, Life Science and Commerce Actuarial Studies Streams and is worth 12 units of credit.

In this subject, students should develop a range of mathematical skills required for future learning such as further study in mathematics, the life and physical sciences and the technological sciences.

Students will be required to solve a variety of practical mathematical problems using a range of strategies, methods and techniques, and should be able to select and use appropriate mathematical language and notation to explain and verify mathematical arguments and concepts.

Students will develop skills to construct mathematical arguments in both concrete and abstract settings. In this subject, students will consider problems requiring the application of knowledge and skills in a range of topics.



Algebra, Functions and Graphs, Quadratic Theory, Differential Calculus, Polynomials and More Algebra, Sequences and Series, Mathematical Induction, Trigonometry, Probability and Discrete Random Variables, Integral Calculus, Further Trigonometry, Calculus of Trigonometric Functions, Calculus of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Applications of Calculus to the Physical World, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Further Integral Calculus, Further Polynomials, Graphical Relationships, The Binomial Theorem, Further Probability and Continuous Random Variables, First-Order Separable Differential Equations.


Assumed knowledge

This subject assumes a level of knowledge equivalent to Stage 5.2/5.3 of the NSW Mathematics Years 7 - 10 Mathematics Syllabus. See the NSW Board of Studies website for details of the syllabus content.


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