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Management is a one semester course offered in Standard Term 2. It exposes students to a range of opportunities to critically evaluate their current skills, identify gaps, focus on their strengths and weaknesses and build the necessary skills for successful academic study. The course describes the interconnection between successful individuals, teams and organizations and provides a basic understanding of the language of organizations and management. It is underpinned by the idea that many of the skills needed for successful study at university are also those shared by successful managers in today’s challenging global environments.



Student will be introduced to the definitions of management using historical and current management perspectives. An overview of the management framework of planning, organizing, leading and controlling, will be enhanced with practical skill building in these areas. Key skills covered in the Management course include decision making, effective teamwork, time management, conflict resolution, coping with change and developing clear written and oral communication practices.


Assumed knowledge

There is no assumed knowledge for this course. Students require an ability to read and assimilate information from a range of different sources including academic management theory as well as current business case studies and practices. A willingness to actively engage in discussion and build management skills though teamwork and class participation will assist student performance in this course.


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