Essentials of Mathematics 


Essentials of Mathematics is a compulsory subject for the Foundation Studies Arts/Social Sciences Stream and the Design & Built Environment Stream and is worth 8 units of credit.

The subject aims to develop a range of skills required for future learning such as further study in Arts, Architecture and Design at university.

In this subject, students should develop knowledge and skills encompassing mathematical facts, procedures and concepts necessary for understanding the various mathematical processes to be applied.

Students will consider problems requiring the application of knowledge and skills in a range of topics.

Topics: Basic Skills, Geometry and Similarity, Business Applications of Arithmetic, Measurement, Statistics, Algebra and Coordinate Geometry, Probability, Trigonometry, Calculus.

The subject content as listed above is based on the Standard Program. Variations exist for Standard Plus and Transition.

Assumed knowledge: This subject assumes a level of knowledge equivalent to Stage 5.1 of the NSW Mathematics Years 7 - 10 Mathematics Syllabus. See the NSW Board of Studies website for details of the syllabus content.