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Business Law 

Standard Term 2


A basic understanding of law and legal frameworks is necessary for all students intending to undertake a degree in commerce, business and/or law.

The Foundation Business Law curriculum examines the relationship between the law and business. Students will have the opportunity to apply a scaffolded approach called IPAC (Issue/s, Principle/s, Application and Conclusion) to legal problems. This structured approach encourages considered answers to hypothetical legal scenarios.

In addition to attendance at lectures and tutorials, students are required to read legal texts, prepare formal written answers to tutorial questions, respond to case studies and prepare and deliver team oral presentations.



Introduction to the Australian legal system, the legal implication of different business structures, contract law, negligence and consumer protection law.


Assumed knowledge

There is no assumed knowledge for the Business Law course. The study of Business Law requires an ability to assimilate specialist words and to develop the language of law.


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