UNSW Foundation Studies offers two Design Streams. Students wishing to undertake a degree with the Faculty of Built Environment (e.g. Architecture) should undertake the Design and Built Environment Stream. Students wishing to undertake a Design degree at UNSW Art & Design or a degree not requiring a mathematics prerequisite should undertake the Fine Arts Stream.

Design and Built Environment: for students intending to study a degree in Architecture, Industrial Design, Planning
Fine Arts: for students intending to study a Design degree requiring NO mathematics

'The world is changing in ways where designers are going to play a big role in enhancing technology and sustainability and I want to be part of it.'

- Fiona from China

UNSW Foundation Studies Design Stream

wdt_ID Subjects Units Design and Built Environment Fine Arts
1 Academic English 10 Yes Yes
2 Computing Studies 6 Yes Yes
3 Design 12 Yes Yes
4 Essentials of Mathematics 8 Yes
5 Australian Studies 12 Yes
6 Australian Studies 1 4 Yes
7 International Issues and Perspectives 12 Yes
8 Management 4 Yes
9 Total Units 48 48

Popular Degree Programs

These are the degrees you could be doing in UNSW Sydney upon successful completion of your Foundation program in the Design stream.

Architectural Studies, Interior or Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Media Arts, Design, Art Theory, Fine Arts, Planning, Construction Management and Property, Media, Social Science. A full list of programs can be found here.