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Foundation Studies Programs

UNSW Foundation Studies Programs provide pathway programs to international students to all UNSW bachelor's degree programs. You will be taught the academic and study skills you need for university, while enhancing your proficiency in English.

The program is for you, if you:

  • Have completed at least 11 years of schooling or finished high school.
  • Just missed out on entry to UNSW Sydney degree or Diploma program.
  • Want to study at UNSW Sydney.

Your supportive pathway

High School
Year 11/12
UNSW Foundation
Studies Program
First Year at
UNSW Sydney

Where to start?

Decide on your preferred UNSW degree program

It all begins with one question. What degree do you want to study at UNSW Sydney? Pick your UNSW degree of choice to determine which stream you will study.


Research your stream

A Foundation Studies Stream is the area of study that relates to the undergraduate degree you want to complete. Our streams are designed to prepare you for all UNSW bachelor's degrees. Simply pick the Foundation Studies Stream your UNSW degree was matched with from step 1 to delve deeper and see what subjects you will study.


Choose a Foundation Studies Program

Find out more about the different programs and check your entry requirements

As an international student, you will be equipped with the academic foundations, study skills and English proficiency required for success at UNSW Sydney.

Calculate your entry requirements

View your personalised entry requirements.


Select your campus location

Located in Australia, China and Indonesia, our campus network offers you the opportunity to prepare for success at university in a location and environment that best suits you.


Foundation English Entry Course

You might need to enrol into the Foundation English Entry Course

If you do not meet the English entry requirements to enrol into the Foundation Studies Program of your choice, we can help. At UNSW Global, we offer Academic English Programs for international and local students.


Start your journey

Are you ready?

Find out how to apply or complete your application.

Need some help?

Our experienced staff will assess your application and find the perfect Program and Stream to suit your academic background, English language proficiency and intended university degree.


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