Pronunciation & Clear Speaking 

Pronunciation & Clear Speaking provides the spoken English skills you need to communicate effectively in social and professional settings.

  • 5 weeks / Part Time

  • Intermediate / Advanced

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PCS will help you:

  • Improve your pronunciation and develop a clear speaking voice

  • Overcome difficulties with spoken communication

  • Convey your message appropriately to be understood

  • Reduce the impact of your accent and enhance the clarity of your speech

  • Improve your speech confidence

Course Content

Topics covered include:

  • Diagnosis of your pronunciation
  • Word stress
  • Sentence stress and rhythm
  • Pronouncing difficult or unfamiliar words and sounds
  • Pausing and intonation patterns
  • Listening to spoken English
  • The International Phonetic Alphabet

Course content will be adjusted to suit the needs of students. Students may be asked to bring an audio-recording device.


Courses are offered at L5 building 223 Anzac Parade Kensington

Part-time Evening

Every Wednesday
2 hours per week for 5 weeks
7.00 - 9.00pm

Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for domestic students students only.

  • You should have an intermediate to advanced level of English.
  • Recommended minimum entry requirement of IELTS 6.0 or higher.

Dates and Fees

Courses are offered at L5 building 223 Anzac Parade Kensington

AUD $250 per course

Start DateFinish Date
1 August (Wed)29 August (Wed)
5 September (Wed)3 October (Wed)
10 October (Wed)7 November (Wed)
14 November (Wed)12 December (Wed)

Important information

  • This is a non-CRICOS registered course. International Student Visa holders are not eligible to enrol in non-CRICOS registered courses, including Modern Languages and Part-time English / Exam Preparation classes at this time.

    However, international students who are not on a student visa can enrol in these courses. Temporary Residents who want to enrol in Modern Languages or Part-time English / Exam Preparation classes can do so by contacting

  • Please note that Commonwealth financial support is not available for Non-Award programs including Global’s Foundation programs and all language courses