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UNSW Global English Language Test

English Test Overview

The UNSW Global English Test (UGet) is designed for prospective students. The test aims to assess English language proficiency in order to determine eligibility for entry to UNSW programs and courses.


About the test

The test is similar to those in other English proficiency tests used for entry to Australian universities. You should allow 3 hours for the whole test.


UGet consists of the following areas: 

Listening – 20 minutes

This test has 2 listening sections. At the start of each section, you will hear instructions telling you what you need to do, and giving you time to read the questions. There will also be time for you to check your answers at the end of each section.

Writing – 45 minutes

Students will be asked to write a short academic style discussion essay or approximately 300 words.

Speaking – 6 minutes

The speaking test has 3 sections and topics covered are general rather than academic in nature. Students can expect questions where they may be asked to share opinions on current topics, produce a monologue on a prompt or topic

Reading – 30 minutes

There are 2 reading sections, both with a general academic focus. Students should expect these section to be 480-950 words long.

Grammar – 8 minutes

The grammar section will contain 15-20 questions testing students grammatical accuracy and awareness.

What is required to take the test?

In order to undertake the UGet, you must have:

  • a private and quiet location to complete the whole test where you will not be disturbed; 
  • a stable internet connection; 
  • a computer with a fully functional web camera, speakers or headphones and a microphone; 
  • a web browser that can download the Moodle learning management system ; 
  • the relevant video-conferencing application installed on your computer as specified by UNSW Global on the UGet website from time to time (such as Zoom).

How will the test be delivered?  

UGet Reading, Grammar, Listening and Writing sections are administered on UNSW’s learning platform (Moodle) with exam invigilation occurring via Zoom. The Speaking interview is administered and recorded live by an English Language assessor via Zoom.

Students should follow instructions on the screen when doing the test to move through sections. They can move back and forward within a section but not between sections once they have completed a section. 

If you have questions about the test, contact [email protected]

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  • UGet Entry Requirements

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