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What is Statistics?

Statistics provides a strong foundation for a number of different career paths and specialisations.

Statistics is the process of posing questions and seeking answers by collecting and analysing suitable data. Fields that use statistics are agriculture, medical research, industrial research, forensic science, market research, environmental science and quality assurance. This mode of inquiry also features prominently in the decision-making processes of both commerce and government through methods such as census.

Statisticians are employed as biometricians (specialising in biology related applications), in government agricultural departments, as consultants in government, in private research firms, health departments, finance and many other areas.

Statistics as part of your Diploma

UNSW Diploma students learn the fundamentals required for their future studies in discipline-specific diploma courses that are equivalent to First Year undergraduate courses at UNSW Sydney.

The added support that diploma students receive will equip them with academic and English skills and ensure they are well prepared for their journey into Second Year at UNSW Sydney.

Statistics Diploma Courses

View the courses you will be studying in your first year at UNSW Global below.

Option One

  • Mathematics 1A
  • Mathematics 1B
  • Higher Physics 1A or Physics 1A
  • Higher Physics 1B or Physics 1B
  • Chemistry A: Atoms, Molecules & Energy
  • Chemistry B: Elements, Compounds & Life
  • Design & Application of Materials in Science & Engineering
  • Communication & Academic Literacy

Option Two

  • Mathematics 1A
  • Mathematics 1B
  • Chemistry A: Atoms, Molecules & Energy
  • Chemistry B: Elements, Compounds & Life
  • Molecules, Cells, and Genes
  • Applied Biomolecular Sciences
  • Evolutionary and Functional Biology
  • Communication & Academic Literacy

Please note: The combination of courses shown is indicative only and may change from time to time.


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