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Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

What is Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship?

Innovation profoundly impacts and transforms business and society. It drives productivity, competitive advantage, differentiation, growth, profitability and sustainability. The Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship Major is designed to help you meet the challenges of innovation with tangible leadership skills that you can use to make a difference and shape the future of organisations. In this major, you will learn how to uncover new opportunities, discover actionable insights for innovation, and design strategies for business models that create, capture and deliver value. You will enhance your entrepreneurship skills through the practice of experimentation, persistence, resilience, management and leadership. This major provides practical learning experiences and innovation leadership opportunities. It takes an applied perspective focusing on the development of your innovation and strategy capabilities and your entrepreneurial skills. It will prepare you for exciting roles in innovation management and governance in established organisations such as corporations and government, as well as specific methods for creating and scaling start-up ventures. You will learn how to: lead and manage innovation with confidence; inspire and collaborate in diverse teams; launch innovation at scale; reduce risks in complex, uncertain and changing business environments; and reap rewards from implementing new ideas and driving change.

Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship as part of your Diploma

UNSW Diploma students learn the fundamentals required for their future studies in discipline-specific diploma courses that are equivalent to First Year undergraduate courses at UNSW Sydney.

The added support that diploma students receive will equip them with academic and English skills and ensure they are well prepared for their journey into Second Year at UNSW Sydney.

Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship Diploma courses

View an example of the courses you will be studying in your First Year at UNSW Global below.


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