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UNSW Diploma

Fast track yourself to success.


UNSW Diploma Programs:

A UNSW Diploma in Business, Computer Science, Engineering or Science provides you with a fast track to success. The programs have been designed as an alternative path for international students who have just missed out on direct entry to a UNSW degree. Successfully completing the 12-month program will allow you to progress into Second Year of a UNSW bachelors degree in Business, Computer Science, Engineering or Science.

As a diploma student you will:

  • Gain direct entry to Second Year of UNSW’s undergraduate degrees in Business, Computer Science, Engineering or Science on successful completion of your program.
  • Graduate at the same time as your friends at UNSW.
  • Enjoy smaller tutorial classes and have access to additional free tutoring and consultation at no additional cost.
  • Access the same facilities and resources as First Year undergraduate students.
  • Earn two UNSW Sydney qualifications by the time you complete your degree - a diploma and a bachelors degree.

Complete a Diploma and enter Second Year

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"By studying at UNSW Global, I received a chance to continue my studies at UNSW directly after finishing my Diploma Program in UNSW Global, which is equivalent to first-year undergraduate studies of my intended degree."

Claudia Velda Widjaja


Why choose a Diploma?

  • Fast track to Second Year of a bachelors degree
  • Same length of studies as a first year University
  • A proven pathway to UNSW Sydney - world Top 50 university
  • Study on campus
  • Full access to UNSW world-class libraries, labs, clubs and societies
  • Feel like a University student from Day 1
  • Smaller classes
  • At least 20% extra teaching time
  • Additional English & academic support
  • Designed for international students
  • An easy transition to UNSW life

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