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Pathways to Arts & Social Science

Explore big ideas and critical social issues with UNSW with a UNSW Arts or Social Science degree. Explore a range of degrees that include education, design, music and media.

If you have big goals to pursue a career in journalism, politics, humanitarian aid, publishing or creative industries, UNSW Global has a pathway program to get you to your degree.

Your future career

Studying Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW can lead you to many exciting careers. Whether you want to study International Studies, Languages, Media, Education, Arts, Social Work, Criminology, Social Science, Music, Humanities, a UNSW Global pathway program can get you there!

Your journey with the UNSW Global

High School
UNSW Global
+50 Degrees at UNSW

Where can I progress with a UNSW Global program?

1st Year

Of an Arts & Social Science degree at UNSW

The UNSW Foundation Arts and Social Science stream stream will prepare you with the skills to progress to a range of Arts degrees in the UNSW Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture degree.

Explore big ideas and critical social issues, learn skills for academic computing and academic English that will help you succeed at university.

A full list of programs can be found here.

Be ready in 4 months

for universities in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom.

The fast paced, 100% online university preparation program gives you options to progress to your choice in university.

Choose from the Arts and Social Science stream to progress to your Degree.

Learn more about Transition Program Online.

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