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UNSW Global classes moving online


UNSW Global has, for several years, enjoyed a blended teaching and learning model, with resources online and also live teaching. With the onset of COVID-19, UNSW Global has digitised its materials and commenced using live online classes with a teacher or team of teachers for each course. These resources and classes can now be accessed remotely, in real-time, by students who are enrolled in our programs

All UNSW Global programs will be online until further notice.

Which students are eligible to study online?

All UNSW Global students enrolled in programs are eligible to study online.
The current online courses are designed for students who are in Australia and want to study off-campus. However, UNSW Global is now allowing students who are overseas and unable to arrive in Australia in time for their course or need to return home, to study in these courses.

With the current online courses, students in some locations may encounter difficulties with connectivity and access to videos and other materials, given differences in internet connections globally.

If students who are overseas encounter problems accessing the platform, they may defer to another intake, without financial penalty. Both current students and new students whose programs commence by end March, will need to advise us by Monday 13 April, if they would like to defer to the next intake.

Will the current class timetable change?

Class timetables start with a ‘check-in' of students each morning for attendance and feedback about their course, health and wellbeing. From 10am, students attended “live” classes and recorded lectures and self-study materials.
In some countries, the time differences may not be suitable, but across most of Asia the time zone should work well.

Will laboratory and studio classes be moved online?

Steps are underway to convert laboratory practical classes or studio sessions to video demonstrations or other methods that can accessed remotely. Individual course conveners will inform students of details via Moodle or other means shortly.
Some Diploma labs may need to be undertaken when a student arrives on-campus.

Will exams and assessments be moved online?

We will provide alternative assessments which may include a take-home assessment or online exam, or another method appropriate for each course.

How long will online study be available to students?

Currently, online study at UNSW Global is avaiable until further notice. Once restrictions are lifted, in-class face-to-face teaching will recommence as soon as possible.

Will the students’ transcript mention that this course was studied online?
No, the courses that are currently being delivered online, are existing courses and on completion, students will receive the same completion certificate as those students who are studying on-campus.

Will UNSW Global students who are due to graduate be able to progress to UNSW Term 2 as planned?

UNSW degree programs have also been moved to online study, students who successfully graduate from UNSW Global and meet the requirements to progress to UNSW in Term 2 will receive information from UNSW in relation to whether their program will be available online and how to attend online orientation.

Platforms and access

What platforms will be used?

Classes will be delivered online or by other means that can be accessed remotely. Moodle forms the basis for our online study. Moodle is used to communicate with our students, deliver videos and documents, provide quizzes and assignment submission and for live classes.

Videos may be hosted on various platforms, including YouTube.

Students are encouraged to access online teaching material remotely and participate as actively as possible. Most lectures, tutorials and class discussions can take place in the collaborative online settings.

Students will need to be aware that there may be connectivity issues which may impact on their learning experience. Students who return home and find they are unable to participate fully in these online activities, should notify UNSW Global by Monday 13 April so they can defer without financial penalty to a later program and return to Sydney to pick up their studies on-campus once travel restrictions are lifted.

Will the online classes be recorded and available for students to download?

Many of UNSW Global’s classes will be recorded live for later viewing, but not all. Similarly, some lectures will be pre-recorded, and others will be live. Either way, UNSW Global is committed to providing high quality online course options for students and will continue to work with our students to ensure their suggestions for improving our online courses are addressed.

Will Orientation be moved online?

Yes, there will be an online orientation for students who cannot attend in person. At this online orientation, students will learn how to access their online lessons. Students have received this email with more information.

How do students access online learning?

Students access their online course via the UNSW Moodle Learning Portal. Students who attend orientation and current students are given training and support in how to access online courses. Students have received this email with more information.


Will there be any change to fees?

There will be no change to fees for the current online courses. Courses, materials and teachers are the same as for those courses which are delivered on-campus.

If online study is not suitable, can students defer to a later intake?

Students can try the online study options but if it is not suitable for the student, they will be allowed to defer to a later intake without financial penalty. Please let us know by Monday 13 April so that we can process the deferral.


What student support is in place for students?

We are putting additional support in place for students:

  • Check-in process: Between 9am and 10am (AEDT) each day, students will follow a ‘check-in’ process online. During this check-in they will receive announcements, videos and a health and welfare survey to ensure they are healthy, happy and well-supported.
  • Student Support team check-ins for students in self-isolation: Student Support will ensure that student has suitable accommodation arrangements to meet self-isolation requirements/if not student support will assist in securing suitable accommodation on campus. Student Advisers will conduct daily telephone check ins to answer questions and provide welfare support

What happens if a student does not pass the online course?

Arrangements for students who fail courses will be the same as those studied in face-to-face mode., where repeat options are available.

Other updates

  • The USNW Global website has been updated with the new entry requirements.
  • Don’t forget that UNSW Global accepts domestic (Australian citizens and PR) with an international study background.
  • Students who meet requirements based on their Semester 1 Year 11 or Year 12 results (depending on their program of study) may be eligible to receive a conditional offer. There is a compliance requirement that students must still complete Year 11 as a minimum.

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