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Part-Time IELTS Test Preparation (ITP)

Our ITP courses prepare you for the IELTS test.

Due to COVID19 This course is closed for applications.

  • Part time

  • Writing

Who is this for?

Part-time IELTS Test Preparation modules will prepare you for success in the writing and speaking components of the IELTS test.

The modules are designed for students with an intermediate to advanced level of English, who are looking to fine-tune their skills in order to achieve their desired IELTS score.

Each module provides language skills development, IELTS test strategies and IELTS test practice.

Why study ITP?

  • ITP boosts your IELTS performance
  • It is taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers with specialised IELTS knowledge

Entry Requirements

You should have an intermediate to advanced level of English.

Recommended minimum entry requirement of IELTS 5.5, or equivalent.

The IELTS modules are designed for those students who are almost test-ready and want to fine-tune their writing and speaking communication skills in order to achieve a desired IELTS score.

The modules are suitable for students who want to prepare for IELTS Academic or General Training test formats.

  • Intermediate / Advanced

  • 5 weeks

  • Not available as primary course for student visa

  • AUD$375 per module

Course Content

All modules include:

  • IELTS test practice
  • Skills Modules

Advanced Writing for IELTS

  • Writing for IELTS Task 1 - skills, strategies and practice
  • Writing for IELTS Task 2 - skills, strategies and practice
  • Advanced Speaking and Pronunciation for IELTS

Speaking skills for IELTS

  • Approaches and practice for the IELTS Speaking test
  • Pronunciation awareness


Enrolments for this course are temporarily unavailable. For information about upcoming courses, please email [email protected]


Please note that applications must be made separately for each module, i.e. in order to study Speaking and Writing modules together, two separate applications are required.

Tuesdays: Writing for IELTS  6.00pm - 9.00pm

Thursdays: Speaking and Pronunciation for IELTS  6.00pm - 9.00pm

This is a non-CRICOS registered course. International Student Visa holders are not eligible to enrol in non-CRICOS registered courses, including Modern Languages and Part-time English / Exam Preparation classes at this time.

However, international students who are not on a student visa can enrol in these courses. Temporary Residents who want to enrol in Modern Languages or Part-time English / Exam Preparation classes can do so by contacting [email protected]


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