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Tips: Which English Langauage Course is right for me?


Use the following table to help you decided what English language course is right for you. 

To learn the fundamentals of English

Recommendation: Essential English (EE)

Progression: Progress into further English courses such as Essential Academic English, Career English, or the Foundation English Entry Course.

To improve on your existing knowledge of English

Recommendation: Essential Academic English (EAE)

Progression: Progress to the University English Entry Course.

To prepare yourself for a Foundation Studies Program

Recommendation: Foundation English Entry Course (FEEC)

Progression: Progress in your studies in a UNSW Foundation Studies Program.

To prepare yourself for tertiary studies, such as a Diploma Program at UNSW, or in another English-speaking institution

Recommendation: University English Entry Course (UEEC)Tertiary Orientation Program (TOP)Essential Academic English (EAE)

Progression:Progress to a Diploma or Degree Program or continue into your tertiary studies.

To learn English specific to your career

Recommendation: Career English (CE)English for Law (EL)

Progression: Progress into your career in your chosen field.

To Prepare yourself for an IELTS Test

Recommendation: IELTS Test Preparation

Progression: Take an IELTS test.