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Calculating your Grade Point Average


GPA Entry Requirements

Students are assessed throughout each course using the following methods:

  • Assignments
  • Tutorials and laboratory sessions
  • Semester examinations and
  • Final examinations

You will receive a letter grade for each completed subject. This letter is associated with a numerical grade point (see below).

Overall program performance is expressed as a Grade Point Average (GPA.) A GPA is calculated as an average score across your subjects using your grade point multiplied by the unit of each respective subject.

wdt_ID Letter Grades Grade Points
1 A+ 10.0
2 A (Excellent pass) 9.5 (Excellent pass)
4 A- 9.0
5 B+ 8.5
6 B (Very good pass) 8.0 (Very good pass)
8 B- 7.5
9 C+ 7.0
10 C (Good pass) 6.5 (Good pass)
12 C- 6.0
13 D+ 5.5

Sample calculations

Example 1 Academic English (B+), Mathematics S (A), Physics (C+), Chemistry (B-), Computing (D+) (10x8.5) + (12x9.5) + (10x7) + (10x7.5) + (6x5.5) = 377/48 = 7.9

Example 2 Academic English (B), Design (A+), Australian Studies (B+), Maths Essentials (C-), Computing (C-) (10x8) + (12x10) + (12x8.5) + (8x6) + (6x6) = 386/48 = 8.0

The subjects listed for each stream of study are accurate at the time of publishing. If you would like to confirm subjects and streams of study before your program begins, please contact UNSW Global Admissions at: