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Learning and Teaching

Foundation Studies provides a bridge between high school and university education. Our curriculum is finely tuned to assist our students develop the knowledge, academic skills and approaches to learning necessary for success at university.

Our students tell us that they are excited, challenged and enriched by the learning and teaching environment at UNSW Foundation Studies. Many say this environment is very different from what they have experienced prior to studying with us.

See what our students have to say in our video.

Academic Guidance

The Academic Advisor Program provides structured support sessions to assist students to achieve their potential and fulfill the necessary requirements so that their transition to university is as smooth as possible. It includes formal and informal activities, mentoring sessions and progress interviews. Each class has its own Academic Advisor who meets with their students on a regular basis. They are available to:

  • Help students understand what they need to do throughout the semester
  • Assist when students encounter problems
  • Refer students to appropriate support services
  • Provide ongoing guidance and support.



Consultations are teacher-led drop-in sessions in which students can receive additional academic support. Consultations are held every week for each subject in the Foundation and Transition Programs, with extra consultations scheduled during peak assessment periods. These Consultations provide opportunities for students to receive more personal assistance with specific questions and areas of difficulty they may be having in the Course.

A senior teacher is available during consultations to answer student questions and provide individual or small-group tuition. No appointment is necessary and students are encouraged to attend Consultations for extra assistance as often as they need to.

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre offers academic skills support to all students enrolled at The University of New South Wales. Support offered ranges from individual writing consultations, academic skills workshops, conversation classes and online resources to help you further develop your academic skills. You can find out more about the services offered through The Learning Centre on the UNSW website.

Sample Lesson

To experience a real Foundation Studies class in action, join our free course at UNSW Open Learning - English Whit #1 - Using Sentence Connectors.

In this free online tutorial, you will learn about using sentence connectors in English for academic purposes. At the same time you will experience some of the learning and teaching styles used in our programs.

Allow about 3 hours in total to complete the class:

  • 1.5 hour to complete the online tutorial and
  • 1.5 hour to do the follow-up activities to check your understanding.

To experience a UNSW Foundation Studies class in action, click here and Join the Course. It’s free to join and participate.

Learning Support Unit (LSU)

The LSU has recently been refurbished and is one of the best study centres at UNSW. It provides facilities for you to do additional study by yourself, during the day and is located on the ground floor of Building L5.

It gives you an opportunity to practice English or to use practice tests to prepare for tests and exams. You can work on your grammar, reading and writing or prepare for tests such as IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL. A teacher is always available to help. You can also just relax and catch up on your reading or assignments. A large collection of books, CDs, DVDs, practice materials, computers and other audiovisual equipment is provided to help you make the most of your study time.

Computer Facilities

Our computer laboratories provide self-access and classroom sessions for improving your computing skills using software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe suite.  
You will have the opportunity to use our computer laboratories to stay in contact with family and friends, browse the internet, use the student intranet and improve your study skills.

Internet Access

Our students are provided with access to the UNSW wireless network called Uniwide. You can access the internet from our laboratory computers and also from your personal devices via the Uniwide wireless network. This access is provided at no extra cost to you.

Printing and Copying Facilities

Our students have access to black and white, and colour printing and copying facilities from all computer laboratories.  Each student gets a free quota for printing and copying which is adequate to print assignment work.

The UNSW Library

Modern university libraries offer much more than books on shelves. The UNSW Library is a hub for learning and academic inquiry. In addition to world-class collection of academic resources, the Library offers subject guides and workshops to assist students in locating and using these. UNSW Foundation Studies students are encouraged to make good use of the Library facilities including wireless, team-work rooms, quiet study spaces, skills workshops and online resources.

Online resources

Students are also supported in their learning via our online learning management system, Moodle. Through Moodle, our students have 24/7 access to additional readings, links to useful sites, practice exercises, quizzes and discussions. Students are encouraged to strengthen their independent learning practices by utilizing these online resources.