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FAQs: International Language Courses

What languages do you cover?

We offer courses in Arabic, Chinese, Chinese for Business, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

What components do the courses cover?

Most courses focus on speaking and listening, and the essential grammar and vocabulary required to improved verbal and aural fluency. Courses focus less on writing and reading.

What levels are offered?

There are six levels altogether. Each level consists of 2 x 10 week terms or 20 weeks of study.

Levels 1 and 2 (2 x 10 weeks each) must to be taken in sequence. You will receive a certificate at the end of each 10-week course.

Level 1

1A: Beginners (10 weeks)

1B: Beginners (10 weeks)

Level 2

2A: Elementary A (10 weeks)

2B: Elementary B (10 weeks)

Levels 3-6 are considered 20-week courses. You will receive a certificate at the end of each level when you’ve completed both A and B modules.

Level 3 (20 weeks)

3A: Lower Intermediate (10 weeks)

3B: Lower Intermediate (10 weeks)

Level 4 (20 weeks)

4A: Intermediate (10 weeks)

4B: Intermediate (10 weeks)

Level 5 (20 weeks)

5A: Upper Intermediate (10 weeks)

5B: Upper Intermediate (10 weeks)

Level 6 (20 weeks)

6A: Advanced (10 weeks)

6B: Advanced (10 weeks)

Can I study just one 10-week term?

Yes, you can. You have to purchase each course as a 10-week term.

However, in order to progress to the next level it is usual for students to study for 20 weeks at the one level. Remember that from levels 3-6, you only receive a certificate at the end of 20 weeks.

We recommend completing a full level (20 weeks) for best results.

Are all levels offered for all languages?

Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, French and Italian are offered in a variety of levels from Beginners through to Advanced levels. Other languages are offered from Beginners to Intermediate levels. The availability of levels each term depends on student numbers.

How do I work out which level to enroll in?

Students should self-assess their language level before enrolling in a course by considering the number of hours they have spent studying the language prior to the course and their experience of the language.

Level 1

1A Beginners: 0-20 hours

1B Beginners: 20-30 hours

Level 2

2A Elementary: 40-60 hours

2B Elementary: 60-80 hours

Level 3

Lower Intermediate: 80-120 hours

Level 4

Intermediate: 120-180 hours

Level 5

Upper Intermediate: 180-240 hours

Level 6

Advanced: 240 hours +

For further assistance, contact

Does the course fee include the course book?

No. Students are encouraged to purchase their own course books.

Where do I get the course books?

Textbooks are available from UNSW Bookshop on UNSW main campus, Abbey’s Bookshop (131 York St, Sydney). View the textbook prices available at UNSW Bookshop. You can also purchase them independently online.

Please note that if a language course is cancelled, UNSW Bookshop will only consider a refund for a textbook bought at UNSW Bookshop if the book has not sustained any damage or been written in.

Are the teachers native speakers?

We have a policy of employing teachers who are native speakers. All teachers will either be native speakers or have spent considerable time in a country in which the language is spoken.

What is the average class size?

Classes have an average of 10-12 students, with 18 being the maximum number.

What is the minimum/maximum age for students?

The minimum age for students is 18. There is no maximum age.

Are there assessments or exams?

Our language courses do not have formal exams or tests, but revision is conducted through a range of other methods depending on the class and the teacher.

When/How will I be notified of class confirmation?

Once payment has been made you will receive a payment acknowledgement email and payment receipt. This will be your class confirmation. No further confirmation will be sent. If we have to cancel a class due to insufficient enrolments you will be sent a class cancellation email 1 to 2 days before the class was due to begin.

Do I receive a certificate?

Students will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of each course, provided they have attended at least 60% of the term.

Is parking available?

There is street parking on Day Avenue and streets just west of Anzac Parade. Restricted campus parking is also available in the UNSW car park on the corner of Day Ave and Anzac Parade.

How are the summer courses different?

The summer short courses run in January and offer languages at Beginners level (1A and sometimes 1B). 20 hours of tuition are offered over 8 evenings (Mon-Thurs) so that a student can complete a whole level in less than 2 weeks.