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Scout: FAQs


About the Scout Assessment

When can a school sit for the Scout Assessment?

The Scout Assessment is released in February each year. Schools can use Scout at any time during the year up until January the following year, when a new version becomes available.

What subjects are assessed in the Scout Assessment?

The Scout Assessment assesses Mathematics, Reading and Language, and Writing.

Is the Scout Assessment available for all year levels?

The Scout Assessment is designed specifically for students in the middle years of schooling. Visit Scout Assessments for year levels tested.

What is the Scout Assessment test structure?

The test structure comprises 40 multiple choice questions for Mathematics, 40 multiple choice questions for Reading and Language and a Writing task.

What is the duration of the Scout Assessment?

The Scout Assessment is a two-hour assessment.

Are there any Scout Assessment past papers available?


Are there any Scout Assessment sample questions available?


Are students allowed to use calculators during the Scout Assessment?

No. Students are not allowed to use calculators, dictionaries or translators.

What special provisions are available for the Scout Assessment?

Please contact Customer Service at [email protected] for available options.

About results

When are the Scout Assessment results available?

School and student reports are emailed to schools within 10 working days of the answer booklets being received at UNSW Global for processing.

About cost

How much does the Scout Assessment cost?

A minimum of 10 tests per order is required. Visit the Scout homepage for prices for each country.