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UNSW Global Online Assessment Platform: Locked-down browser

The locked-down browser is being updated for 2020 and will be available soon.

A secure locked-down browser application is required for:

  • ICAS Spelling Bee
  • ICAS Writing
  • Reach Spelling
  • Reach Writing


See full technical requirements including the technical readiness test.

The specified locked-down browser application is Janison Replay.


This secure locked-down browser is designed to:

  • Prevent students from accessing other applications, web pages, software or hardware features and only provides access to the test player.
  • Prevent use of operating system commands such as functions accessed by Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
  • Disable features such as the camera, spell check, screenshot, home, keyboard shortcuts, back and power buttons.
  • Prevent execution in a virtual machine or a virtual desktop (e.g. Citrix Virtual desktops, VMware or Parallels on Mac).

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