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How to use Jet Assessments from home

School Staff

This is an overview of the steps involved in using Jet Assessments from home for school coordinators, teachers and students. The steps are in order of the tasks that are to be completed, which begin after a staff member of the school has:

  • made a purchase of a Jet Assessments product
  • activated their school coordinator account and
  • logged in to the Online Assessment Platform (henceforth, “Platform”) 

Note: The Jet Assessments User Guide will explain how you complete the steps above.

All you need is:

  • A device (laptop, desktop computer, Android tablet, iPad)*

    *iPad mini not supported.

  • An internet connection in your home


  • A way to contact your students

    e.g. email or via your school’s learning portal, e.g. Compass, School Box

  • Access to your school’s student management system to complete the one-time student data import

    e.g Sentral, Google Classroom, Canvas

To find out what is involved for your students to use Jet Assessments at home, please see the Send Jet Home - Overview for Students

You can use the overview below in conjunction with the Jet Assessments User Guide for detailed information on how to complete each step.

StepTo be completed by
(Platform account type)
TaskInstructions on page
1School Coordinator Login at
Import your students details into the Platform.
You will need access to your school’s Student Management System to obtain:
Student first name, Last name, Date of Birth, Student ID number (optional), Gender (optional), Year level and Class name.
Copy and paste the relevant data into the correct columns on the Platform import spreadsheet.
You must include the Class name for each student in order to use Jet Assessments.
2School CoordinatorInvite new staff to create their Platform accounts.
You will need the email addresses of staff.
If staff already have accounts, skip this step.
3School CoordinatorAssign teachers to classes.14
4School CoordinatorAssign licences to students15
5School Coordinators, Unrestricted Teachers, TeachersCreate test groups (optional). These are custom groups of students (can be across year levels or classes) for each subject.18
6School Coordinators, Unrestricted Teachers, TeachersCreate a test.19
7School Coordinators, Unrestricted Teachers, TeachersDownload student logins and distribute to students (via school email system or Learning Management System). You will only need to send out logins once as these details do not change.21
8Students Login at
Take test
9School Coordinators, Unrestricted Teachers, TeachersView results25
10School Coordinators, Unrestricted Teachers, TeachersWrite feedback25
11StudentsView feedback27

Need further support?

If you have any questions, please call Customer Service on Australian Toll-Free Tel: 1800 940 633 or contact us.


Using Jet Assessments at home is easy.

Your teacher has created a test for you and your job is to take the test.

All you need is:

  • A device (laptop, desktop computer, Android tablet, iPad)*

    *iPad mini not supported.

  • An internet connection in your home

    ask your parents about this.

  • A way to contact your teacher

    ask your teacher about this

To take the test:

  1. Login at
  2. Click the name of your test from the “Jet” tile
  3. Answer each question
  4. Submit the test.


To view your results, your teacher will need to release them to you.

Once they have done this:

  1. Login at
  2. Click the name of your test from the “View Feedback” tile
  3. Click the eye symbol next to each question to view your answer and the correct answer

For more information on how to take the test, please see the Student Guide to Taking a Jet Test.

Note for Parents and Students: Ensure to communicate with your classroom teacher on how Jet Assessments is being implemented at your school.