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Frequently Asked Questions

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Get started & order

A school code and password were issued to your school when it initially registered with UNSW Global. Ask the UNSW Global contact in your school for the details. Alternatively, Contact Us or use the online forgot password.

Log in to the UNSW Online Shop and click on My Account to view the primary contact email and address details that UNSW Global has on file for your school.

Click here to Contact Us.

We use the primary contact email address to send official notification including order confirmations, account activations for the online UNSW Global Assessment Platform and results release announcements.

It’s possible your school’s firewall is blocking access to the UNSW Global shop. Contact your school’s IT department for more assistance. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please Contact Us.

Please go to the Jet support page. The support link will also be available from the UNSW Global Assessment Platform this year for easier access.

If your school used the UNSW Global Assessment Platform last year, your user account is still active. If you are a new school, an activation email will be sent to your school's nominated administration email address shortly after your order is placed online.

All invoices go to your school’s administration email that we have on file.

A student gets access to up to six tests to sit within the calendar year for one subject.

Using Jet from home

Students can take the technical readiness test from their device. This test takes a short time (less than a minute) and displays the results on screen. Tests that have passed will display a green ‘Passed’ icon.



It is a requirement that you share the Privacy Collection Statement with parents. By sharing the Privacy Collection Statement, you are informing parents on how UNSW Global use student data that is stored in the UNSW Global Assessment Platform and used with Jet Assessments.

Please see page 12 in the Terms and Conditions for the Privacy Collection Statement.


Prepare for testing

If there are staff in the school with the Teacher account type, you must assign them a class. To do this, click “Assign classes to teachers” from the School Coordinator dashboard. Ensure the Teacher accounts have been activated prior to assigning classes to teachers.

Note: As the School Coordinator and Unrestricted Teacher roles already have access to all the students in the UNSW Global Assessment Platform, you do not need to assign them any classes.

All the user roles except School Leader can edit the name of a student. It is important that the student’s name is spelled correctly as it will appear on their ICAS and Reach certificates.

Note: Any changes to student information, e.g. Name, DOB, must be done prior to the student sitting the assessment.

All the user roles except School Leader can edit the name of a student by logging into the Assessment Platform, going to Manage Students, clicking the student’s name, then clicking Edit Student.

Edit the student’s DOB by logging into the UNSW Global Assessment Platform, going to Manage Students, clicking the student’s name, then clicking Edit Student.

Please Contact Us so the correct licences can be issued.

If you have already uploaded your student data without classes, you will need to re-import student data with the class field populated. 

Note: When re-importing student data, please ensure all the existing details, such as student name and DOB, are identical to the original import to avoid creating duplicate accounts.

The school coordinator will need to check if all the students who will use Jet Assessments have accounts in the UNSW Global Assessment Platform by going to Manage Students. If a student(s) does not have an account, perform a student import with the missing student's name only.

If all your students do have accounts, continue using Jet Assessments without performing a student import.

This is because the students you imported were not given a class. Class is a mandatory field on the student import template for Jet Assessments (it is not mandatory for Reach and ICAS).

To check if students are linked to a class, see Manage Students. If there is no class name next to the student, the School Coordinator can re-upload the student data with the class column filled in.

These two account types can already view and edit all the students and classes that have been imported into the UNSW Global Assessment Platform, therefore you do not need to assign classes to them. Only assign classes to the Teacher accounts.

The School Coordinator will need to allocate the licences to the classes.

  1. Go to Allocate Test Licences. Click the Actions symbol (…) next to the relevant Jet Assessments product.
  2. Click Edit Allocation.
  3. Type the quantity of licences you want each class to have into the text box.
  4. Click Save.

Now you will be able to create Jet Assessments tests.

In order of preference, the following internet browsers can be used:

  • Chrome 28+ (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OSX, Chrome OS)
  • Firefox 20+ (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OSX)
  • Internet Explorer 11+ (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OSX)
  • Safari 6+ (Mac OSX)

For more information, see Technical Requirements.

Your students can use the following devices:

  • Laptop
  • Desktop PC
  • Chromebook
  • iPad
  • Android tablet

The iPad mini is not supported.

For more information, see Technical Requirements

Using Jet from home

Add another test period to this test.

  1. Login as a staff member (school coordinator, teacher or unrestricted teacher)
  2. Go to Manage Tests, found under the Jet tab.
  3. Find your test and along its line, click Schedule.
  4. Click Add Another Test Period. This will allow you to set another test period during which your students can access the test.
  5. Click Finish Edit.

Sit the test

A student can complete a question set only once.

When adding question sets to a test, the question set tile shows the number of questions as a blue link. Click this link to open a new window to preview the questions in the test.

Yes. You can add question sets from Years 3 to 6 to the one test.

No. A test can only be created for one subject at a time.

See Manage Tests to view all the tests created.

  • Next to the Test Name, click the calendar icon in the Schedule column. You will land on the Edit Test Sitting page.
  • Click Add Test Period and schedule a new time and date for the test to be accessible.
  • Click Save Schedules. Your student will now be able to sit the test when they return to school.

If the classroom teacher still has internet connection on their computer, they should:

  1. Login at unsw.global/start.
  2. Go to Supervise Live Test.
  3. Choose the class name from the Session Selection dropdown menu.
  4. Click Pause Session. This will pause the session for all the students with an open Jet Assessment test.
  5. When the students’ internet connection returns, click Resume Session. The students will see the last question they were on when the session was paused and can resume the test.

If the classroom teacher also lost their internet connection, consult with the school’s IT support to regain connection and then contact our Customer Service team on Australian Toll-Free Tel: 1800 940 633 or [email protected] to have your Jet Assessments test reopened.

It is not necessary to pause the test session as the test is untimed. Contact your school’s IT support team to re-establish internet connection. Once this is complete, students can log in and complete their test.

Using Jet from home

  • When scheduling a timed test, you will set the test period that the test can be accessed e.g. Monday 4th May between 9am and 3pm. You set the test duration for 30 mins.
    Your student should access the test no later than 2.15pm that day to allow enough time to sit the test.
  • Be aware that an internet connection dropout at the student’s home will mean that they are unable to access the test but the test timer will keep going (until the test is submitted).

In this event, please call Customer Service on Aus. toll-free 1800 940 633, who will arrange for the test to be re-opened. Please allow a 48-hour turn-around.

This is caused by the household’s internet connection download speed. Unfortunately, UNSWG cannot provide technical support to individual households.

Please direct the parents to the technical readiness test to perform a test of the internet connection.

You can take the technical readiness test. Once your device has passed the technical readiness test, you are ready to begin using Jet Assessments.

As Jet is a low-stakes test and was originally created to be used in the classroom, it does not come with a locked-down browser.

It is at the discretion of the school to inform parents of the test guidelines. The feature of timed tests can limit the amount of time students can spend on a test, but please be aware of the impact of internet dropouts at the students’ homes.

When the student reopens their internet browser, they will need to log back in using their username and password and the test will begin where they left off. There was no need to unlock the student’s test.

In the unlikely event that the student does get locked out, they will be able to log in to their account and will see a message saying their test has been locked and to see their teacher.

As a school coordinator/teacher/unrestricted teacher, go to Supervise Live Test and choose the class from the Session Selection drop down. Find the student’s name in the list of student names towards the bottom of the screen. Along the student’s line, there will be a symbol of a padlock. Click this padlock once. This will unlock the test. Now the student can access the test.

Paper Tests - Administration instructions

  • Reach Digital Technologies

  • Reach Science

  • Reach English

  • Reach Writing

  • Reach Mathematics

  • Reach Spelling

    For Reach Spelling Administration Instructions contact us.


Review results

The results for all tests are available in the Results and Reports Portal. Access to the Portal can be done in the following way:

  • Go to the UNSW Global Assessment Platform and click on Results on the dashboard or on the Results icon in the navigation bar and follow the link. You will be taken directly to the Results and Reports Portal.

The UNSW Global Assessment Platform will have the students’ raw scores ready to view instantly after the test is submitted.

The Results and Reports Portal will have the students’ results available to view after one hour.

No. Written feedback can only be given to one student at a time and is optional.

Need further support?

Our friendly customer service team are ready to assist you with your queries.
Call us on:

Australian Toll-Free Tel: 1800 940 633

New Zealand Toll-Free Tel: 0800 778 010

or contact us.

Schools outside of Australia and New Zealand: Contact your local representative