UNSW Global understands that each school has a unique approach to assessment and has applied ICAS in a variety of ways. After consulting with our customers, we have undertaken a comprehensive reimagining of our assessments, to better meet the changing needs of educators.

You should be aware of some changes that will impact your assessment program next year. Depending on how you use ICAS Assessments, there is now the option of two expert developed assessment programs to suit your school’s needs:

If your school is using Reach Assessments we have developed a toolkit with a series of documents, including a parents’ information pack and a check list, for implementing Reach Assessments in your school.

Reach Assessments Toolkit


If your school is using ICAS Assessments more information and support documents will be available soon.



AU Schools

  • Contains template letter for parents, permission form, social media and newsletter content and information about the online Parent Payment System.

NZ and SNG Schools

  • Contains template letter for parents, permission form, social media and newsletter content.

General Information

  • ICAS available papers

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  • ICAS Terms and Conditions

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New Parents Payment System

We are excited to launch an online direct payment facility for parents. Once you have registered your school in the shop for this facility, your parents will be able to pay UNSW Global directly for ICAS. Parents will be able to access and make payments through the Parent Payment System from May 2019 to the end of July 2019.

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Need further support?

Our friendly customer service team are ready to assist you with your queries. Call us on Australian Toll-Free Tel: 1800 940 633, NZ Tel: 0800 778 010, Singapore Toll-Free Tel: 800 616 2404 or contact us.