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Jet Assessments are online, integrated classroom assessments for Years 3 to 6. All products in this series are linked to the Australian curriculum, and provide immediate feedback to support sound teaching and learning.

Jet Assessments are available in Australia. Contact your local country representative to discuss products available in your region.


"Jet Assessments provides our teachers with instant, thorough and reliable data. Teachers use this data to immediately tailor their teaching to suit the needs of their learners. Students are required to reflect on their results and to use the information to co-construct learning goals with their teacher."

Taryn Black, Head of Teaching and Learning, Moriah College

What it is

Jet Assessments are integrated classroom assessments for Years 3 to 6. All products in this series are linked to the Australian curriculum, and support sound classroom teaching and learning. Delivered online, Jet Assessments are comprised of high-quality objective items and are designed to be used multiple times a year. These assessments provide immediate feedback to guide teaching and learning.

Series purpose:

  • provide an external, objective measure of student learning
  • provide a consistent measure of student growth
  • allow teachers to compare and contrast Jet Assessments data with school-based data
  • inform differentiated teaching
  • support teachers' professional judgement and future learning.

Reading, Maths and Science

Jet Assessments for Reading, Maths and Science are flexible online tools, developed in close collaboration with Australian primary teachers.

Jet Assessments allow teachers to regularly review their students’ grasp of Australian curriculum content, and support teachers' judgement of individual student progress and ability.

How it works

Teachers have the flexibility to create customised assessments, drawing from a range of curriculum-linked questions sets.

Each question set assesses one Australian curriculum code, or a part of a code. 

Teachers have access to questions sets covering curriculum points for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Teachers can create one assessment for the whole class or different assessments for different groups within the class.

Jet Assessments can be sat up to six times per year, per subject. Teachers have the autonomy to decide when to schedule the sitting period. This online tool is compatible with most devices. 



Developed by the trusted education experts at UNSW Global; a team with over 30 years' experience in school assessments.


Provides an objective measure of student performance against the Australian curriculum, allowing teachers to identify opportunities for better-targeted learning.


A low-stakes modular assessment that gives teachers the power to assign different question sets to different groups of students, and to determine test periods.


Instantly generated reports cover year groups, classes and individual students.


Teachers will receive results instantly. Once students have completed their tests, their results can be viewed from the Assessment Platform and from the reporting portal.

The reports provide comprehensive information about how students have performed against Australian Curriculum codes.

Teachers can use these reports to:

  • Identify students’ areas of strengths and in need of improvement in their achievement of Australian Curriculum outcomes
  • Track performance of students at year, class, group and individual student levels
  • Develop and differentiate their teaching and learning programs.

Technical Requirements

Please visit our technical requirements page for more information.

Downloadable Support Materials

View and download support materials for Jet Assessments - Reading, Maths and Science here.

Video Tutorials

Want to see Jet Assessments in action? Take a look at our video tutorials.


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Grammar & Punctuation

Grammar & Punctuation will be joining the Jet Assessments family in 2019!

Jet Grammar & Punctuation is a multistage, computer-adaptive assessment, providing rich diagnostic information about students’ grammar and punctuation knowledge and skills. Students are presented with questions within their ability range.


How it works

As grammar and punctuation are foundational to the development of core literacy skills, it is critical that teachers establish early on in the year each student’s capabilities. It is recommended that the assessment is scheduled early in the academic year to provide teachers with sufficient data to inform their teaching and effect change. Teachers may elect to schedule a second assessment later in the year.


It is precise

The computer-adaptive nature of Jet Grammar & Punctuation elicits accurate diagnostic information which clearly shows the strengths and weaknesses in grammar from word to text level, and in punctuation. This helps teachers adjust and target their lessons for better results.

Australian curriculum linked

Our literacy experts developed Jet Grammar & Punctuation based on the Australian English curriculum. Teachers can track progress against the curriculum.

No stress

The sophisticated test design reduces potential student anxiety and enables them to be more engaged. Questions are interactive and pitched at individual ability.

Immediate feedback

The fast turnaround of key results allows teachers to quickly adjust their teaching and learning programs.


Teachers can choose to schedule the assessment anytime within each broad sitting window.

For all students

Jet Grammar & Punctuation is available to all students in Years 3 to 6.

With the inclusion of curriculum indicators from Years 1 and 2 at the lower end, and from Years 7 and 8 at the upper end, it is possible to report on students who are performing below and above expectations.


Using the reports

As this assessment has been designed primarily as a teacher tool, the results will be provided to the teacher for interpretation.

The reports provide information about knowledge and skills assessed and include exemplars.

The intention is to support teachers in focusing on teaching the knowledge and skills, rather than on answering particular questions.

Knowledge and skills are assessed at levels of cognitive complexity that match student year level and/or ability.

Benefits of the reports

The primary purpose of this computer-adaptive assessment is to provide teachers with rich and timely diagnostic information.

The reports will help schools:

  • establish overall performance at school, year, class and student levels
  • identify areas of strength and weakness at group, student and subdomain levels
  • decide student groupings in the classroom
  • adjust lesson plans to meet the needs of students
  • track progress over time.
Demonstration video
Support materials

View and download support materials for Jet Assessments - Grammar and Punctuation here.

Online format

Adaptive design
Each student answers the same number of questions; the questions they receive are tailored depending upon their performance at each stage (module) of the assessment. As a result, teachers will obtain a precise measurement of each student’s grammar and punctuation knowledge and skills.

Age appropriate
All the items are closed response and students can respond in different ways to answer the questions. The response types include multiple choice, multiple response, matching and sequencing.

Engaging and familiar
Jet Grammar & Punctuation uses common online interactions that students are likely to be familiar with, such as: click on a bubble, click on a drop-down menu, click on a ‘text spot’ and click-drag-and-drop.

Technical requirements
Please visit our technical requirements page for more information 

Online demonstration

Familiarise yourself with the assessment by visiting our demonstration test.

Assessment design

Content domain

Aligned to the Australian English Curriculum, Jet Grammar & Punctuation uses a combination of traditional and functional grammar to assess grammatical form and meaning across a wide spectrum of ability.

Grammar FoundationsGrammar within SentencesGrammar Between SentencesPunctuation
Word-level grammarClause-level grammarText-level grammarFrom word to text-level
Group- & phrase-level grammarSentence-level grammar

Year level coverage

The content domain forms a continuum of grammar and punctuation knowledge and skills for students from Years 1 to 8.

The target population for this assessment is students in Years 3 to 6, but by including curriculum indicators from Years 1 and 2 at the lower end, and from Years 7 and 8 at the upper end, it is possible to report on students who are performing below expectations as well as on students who are performing above.

TestFamiliar Grammar and Punctuation¹Current Grammar and Punctuation²Stretch Grammar and Punctuation³
Years 3 and 4Years 1 and 2Years 3 and 4Year 5
Years 5 and 6Years 3 and 4Years 5 and 6Years 7 and 8

1.Elements that students are learning in the year levels covered by the common test

2.Elements that are beyond what students are expected to know

3.Elements that students are expected to have mastered

Cognitive domain

The cognitive domain of this assessment uses a three-point taxonomy:

Assessment framework summaries

To find out more about the areas assessed, download PDF copies of Years 3 and 4 Assessment by Skill (PDF) and Years 5 and 6 Assessment by Skill (PDF)

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