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Jet Assessments are an easy-to-use and customisable online classroom assessments for Years 3 to 6 providing snapshots of performance in Reading, Maths and Science, to support the development of individual learning plans.

Jet Assessments are available in Australia. Contact your local country representative to discuss products available in your region.


"Jet Assessments provides our teachers with instant, thorough and reliable data. Teachers use this data to immediately tailor their teaching to suit the needs of their learners. Students are required to reflect on their results and to use the information to co-construct learning goals with their teacher."

Taryn Black
Head of Teaching and Learning, Moriah College

What it is

Jet Assessments are customisable online classroom assessments for Years 3 to 6. Teachers have the power to create tests throughout the teaching and learning cycle using high-quality, pre-written questions and schedule tests at any time. All subjects in this series are linked to the Australian curriculum, and support sound classroom practice. These assessments provide immediate feedback to support the development of individual learning plans. 

Series purpose:

  • provide an external, objective measure of student learning
  • provide a consistent measure of student growth
  • allow teachers to compare and contrast Jet Assessments data with school-based data
  • inform differentiated teaching
  • support teachers' professional judgement and future learning.

Reading, Maths and Science

Jet Assessments for Reading, Maths and Science are flexible online tools, developed in close collaboration with Australian primary teachers.

Jet Assessments allow teachers to regularly review their students’ grasp of Australian Curriculum content and skills, and inform future teaching and learning activities.

Send Jet home!

Did you know that Jet Assessments can easily be used at home by teachers and students?

Great! what do I need?...

  • A device (laptop, desktop computer, Android tablet, iPad)*

    *iPad mini not supported.

  • An internet connection in your home to log in to the Online Assessment Platform


  • Access to your school’s student management system to complete the one-time student data import

    e.g Sentral

  • A way to contact your students to send them their login details.

    e.g. email or via your school’s learning portal

Note: See the Jet Assessments Quick Reference Guide on how to set up teacher and student accounts.

  • A device (laptop, desktop computer, Android tablet, iPad)*

    *iPad mini not supported.

  • An internet connection in your home to log in to the Online Assessment Platform


  • A way to contact your teacher for further information on Jet Assessments

    e.g. email

Note for Parents and Students: Ensure to communicate with your classroom teacher on how Jet Assessments is being implemented at your school.

Supporting at-home learning!

To help support the transition to at-home learning, we are offering Jet Reading, Maths and Science at a discount of 10%* for your school. Enter the discount code JET10 at the UNSW Global online Shop checkout. Not convinced? See our latest webinar explaining how easy it is for your school and students to use Jet at home.

*Discount can only be applied to one Jet Assessments order per school. Offer ends 18 Dec 2020.

Teachers create tests using our online assessment platform, choosing from a range of curriculum-linked sets of questions for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Each question set assesses one or part of an Australian Curriculum code.

Teachers create a test for any student group size, within and across classes and year levels. Students complete up to six tests per Jet Assessments subject. Teachers schedule the time frame in which their students can complete a test.

Teachers receive results immediately and are able to provide written feedback at the individual-student level.


Developed by the trusted education experts at UNSW Global; a team with over 30 years’ experience in school assessments.


Lets teachers know how their students are performing against the Australian Curriculum codes in Reading, Maths and Science, Years 3-6, providing opportunities for targeted learning.


Gives the teacher power to create tests using high-quality pre-written questions and schedule tests at any time during the teaching/learning cycle.


Tests are marked instantly; immediate results and reports are available for individual student, small group, class and year groups.

Teachers will receive results instantly. Once students have completed their tests, their results can be viewed from the Assessment Platform and from the reporting portal.

The reports provide comprehensive information about how students have performed against Australian Curriculum codes.

Teachers can use these reports to:

  • Identify students’ areas of strengths and in need of improvement in their achievement of Australian Curriculum outcomes
  • Track performance of students at year, class, group and individual student levels
  • Develop and differentiate their teaching and learning programs.

Technical Requirements

Please visit our technical requirements page for more information.

Downloadable Support Materials

View and download support materials for Jet Assessments - Reading, Maths and Science here.

Video Tutorials

Want to see Jet Assessments in action? Take a look at our video tutorials.


Students will be able to sit each Jet Assessment up to six times throughout the school year.

SubjectSitting Dates
Jet ReadingAnytime between 27 January – 18 December 2020
Jet MathsAnytime between 27 January – 18 December 2020
Jet ScienceAnytime between 27 January – 18 December 2020

2020 pricing

  • Jet Reading $11.00 AUD (inc GST) per student
  • Jet Maths $11.00 AUD (inc GST) per student
  • Jet Science $11.00 AUD (inc GST) per student

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  • Terms and Conditions: View and download Terms and Conditions for Jet Assessments here.