The ICAS Assessments series is designed to assess your students' ability to apply classroom learning in new contexts, using higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

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ICAS Assessments have been unmatched for over 35 years and are continuing to lead the way, by moving online.

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What it is

ICAS Assessments are online* assessments, designed to recognise and reward academic excellence. 

The assessments are based on the curricula for the relevant year. Students are asked to demonstrate a deeper, integrated, and thorough level of learning.

To ensure an engaging and beneficial experience for all students, new ICAS assessments are developed annually for each subject in every year level.


*ICAS Writing is paper-based only for Papers A and B


  • Provide objective ranking of performance

  • Encourage students to attain greater academic success

  • Require students to think beyond the classroom

  • Recognise student success through medals and certificates

ICAS Assessments give students an opportunity to have their achievements recognised. Hear from our proud 2018 medal winners about their ICAS experience.


  • ICAS Digital Technologies
  • ICAS Science
  • ICAS Writing* (LockDown Browser required)
  • ICAS Spelling Bee (LockDown Browser and earphones required)
  • ICAS English
  • ICAS Mathematics

*ICAS Writing is paper-based only for Papers A and B

Please note:

Not all ICAS subjects are offered across all year levels in all regions.

Subject availability / Year levels table

Year level equivalence table

Subject Frameworks

Subject Guides


Schools receive:

  • timely, objective information about student achievement
  • online reporting
  • exportable data

Awards and recognition

Each participant receives a printed certificate of achievement.

Students with the top score in each subject in each year level are also awarded a medal and a medal winner’s certificate at a presentation ceremony. Learn more.

Technical Requirements

Find our online technical requirements here.

Support material

View and download support materials for schools for ICAS Assessments here.


Australia and New Zealand

Sitting dates extended


SubjectSitting Dates#Closing Date^
ICAS Digital TechnologiesMonday 2 September to Friday 20 September 2019Monday 26 August 2019
ICAS ScienceMonday 2 September to Friday 20 September 2019Monday 26 August 2019
ICAS Writing*Monday 2 September to Friday 13 September 2019Monday 2 September 2019
ICAS Spelling BeeMonday 2 September to Friday 20 September 2019Monday 2 September 2019
ICAS EnglishMonday 2 September to Friday 20 September 2019Wednesday 11 September 2019
ICAS MathematicsMonday 2 September to Friday 20 September 2019Wednesday 11 September 2019

#Excludes Saturdays and Sundays.

^It is at a school’s discretion to set earlier closing dates that the ones listed above.

*Offline assessments only available for Years 3 & 4 (AU) and Years 4 & 5 (NZ), closing date Tuesday, 13 August 2019.

UNSW Global recognises International schools that are registered with the Council of International Schools (CIS).

Pacific and International Schools
Singapore and Brunei


Australia, Pacific and International Schools


SubjectsOnline Test
ICAS Digital Technologies$15.95 AUD (inc GST)
ICAS Science$15.95 AUD (inc GST)
ICAS Writing*$15.95 AUD (inc GST)
ICAS Spelling Bee$15.95 AUD (inc GST)
ICAS English$15.95 AUD (inc GST)
ICAS Mathematics$15.95 AUD (inc GST)

*Offline assessments only available for ICAS Writing Years 3 & 4 and priced at $15.95 AUD (inc GST).

UNSW Global recognises International schools that are registered with the Council of International Schools (CIS).

New Zealand
Singapore and Brunei

How to prepare

Specific preparation for ICAS tests is not required as the assessments are skills-based. However, to support you and your students we’ve created a suite of practice materials.


Download and try sample ICAS questions. Each paper comes with an answer sheet. Available for all subjects.

Note: Most ICAS tests are only available online.

Digital Technologies



Spelling Bee





Online tests

Use the free online ICAS Practice Interaction Test to become familiar with how to: 

  • navigate through a test
  • answer questions
  • scroll and expand parts of the screen
  • use the online ruler and calculator.

The last question requires audio.

Audio is only required for ICAS Spelling Bee. 

Students can practice the test more than once if needed.

There may be some variations for tests which require lockdown browsers. 

Past papers

Completing past papers is one of the best ways to become familiar with the style and format of ICAS questions.  Learn more.



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