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    50 Year Gala Party Highlights - UNSW Institute of Languages
    24 November 2016 - 28th of October 2016

    Night of Stars - 28th of October 2016

    5 April 2016

    Dr Rob Forage, CEO of UNSW Global, has announced the appointment of the new Board of Directors to UNSW Global.

    In announcing the news, Dr Forage said:

    “I am very pleased to announce the first official meeting of our new UNSW Global Board of Directors was held on Monday 13 March.

    The new Board of Directors was recently announced by the UNSW President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Jacobs.

    Our new Board members are:

    • Mr Warwick Negus (Chair). Mr Negus is Director of Washington H Soul Pattinson, FINSIA and the Terrace Tower Group as well as Chair of the UNSW Council Finance Committee
    • Professor Merlin Crossley (Member). Professor Crossley is Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education at UNSW
    • Mr Andrew Walters (Member). Mr Walters is Vice-President, Finance and Operations at UNSW
    • Ms Brooke Griffin (Member). Ms Griffin is UNSW 2025 Strategy Lead
    • Mr Neil Morris (Member). Mr Morris is Vice-President, Campus Life and Community Engagement at UNSW
    • Dr Rob Forage (Member). CEO UNSW Global.

    Ms Emma Drummond is Company Secretary and one independent position remains to be filled.”

    Dr Forage went on to say, “I am delighted to welcome such distinguished and experienced membership to the Board. The combined financial, business and educational experience, together with the senior linkages of the Members within UNSW and industry, brings a new level of expertise to UNSW Global governance.

    This expertise will be invaluable as we advance our 5 Year Strategy and, at the same time, allow us to add value and support the University’s 2025 Strategy.”

    Charlotte - UNSW Foundation Studies Design Student, 2015

    UNSW Global Student Leaders

    Ives Kwok – UNSW Science Student Ambassador

    NSW Science Student Ambassador


    A little about Ives…

    • Commerce Stream from 2013 – 2014
    • Now studying Aviation (Management) at UNSW – actively achieving his childhood dream of becoming a pilot
    • Ives credits his current academic journey to Foundation Studies, which lay a pathway to his dream degree
    • Active and passionate in promoting and supporting both UNSW Global and UNSW Science

    Ives as a Leader

    • Class Representative (2013)
    • Iconic Yellow Shirt Volunteer (2013 – ongoing)
    • Published in multiple testimonials this year, which have been hosted on our YouTube channel, website and on social media (Facebook + Weibo)

    Ives is one of our strongest voices for those students looking for inspiration, advice and motivation from a pre-arrival to current student perspective. Last year, the UNSW Global Integration Survey* reported that 75% of our students would most like to hear about UNSW life from a current UNSW student, with 52% of this group preferring an international voice and 30% preferring an international student who has come through UNSW Global studies. (*225 respondents across UFS + UNSWIL)

    What it means to be a UNSW Science Student Ambassador

    Student facing involvement in UNSW + Science based events, such as: careers markets, high school visits, campus tours, UNSW Open Day, Parent and Student Night. This was a competitive recruitment process involving group rounds and challenges, in order to find the most confident, committed and passionate applicants.

    Night of Stars - 9th of October 2015

    6 July 2015

    U21 Award May2015 Dr Rob Forage receiving his award in Santiago, Chile.

    (L to R: Dr Ignacio Sanchez, Rector, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile;
    Dr Rob Forage, CEO, UNSW Global; Professor Glyn Davis, Chair of U21;
    Professor Ian Jacobs, President and Vice-Chancellor, UNSW Australia.)

    As announced in January 2015, Dr Rob Forage, CEO of UNSW Global, was recently awarded a 2015 U21 Award for his commitment to and leadership in international education, transnational education and English language preparation for both students and teachers.

    In May, Dr Rob Forage travelled to Santiago, Chile to receive his Award, which was presented at the 2015 Universitas 21 Annual Presidential Meeting. The event was hosted by Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile at which the 2015 Gilbert Medal and U21 Awards were presented.

    Professor Celso Lafer (Emeritus Professor of the Institute of International Relations at the University of São Paulo, Brazil and President of Fundação de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (FAPESP)), received the Gilbert Medal. Professor Stephen Hillier (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Rob Forage (UNSW Australia) received the U21 Awards.

    On receiving the Award in Chile, Dr Rob Forage said, "It is a great honour and privilege to accept this award on behalf of so many people who have all contributed to the internationalisation at UNSW over the years. International education has been a strength of UNSW, ever since it took on its first cohort of Colombo Plan students more than 60 years ago then systematically developed world class Academic English and Foundation programs, each market leaders in Australian universities."

    More information on the Awards:

    15 January 2015

    Dr Rob Forage

    Universitas 21 has awarded this year’s U21 Award for Internationalisation, which recognises individual efforts which further internationalisation and build relations between U21 members and beyond, to Dr Rob Forage - CEO of UNSW Global.

    Dr Forage’s award is for his commitment to and leadership in international education, transnational education and English language preparation for both students and teachers. In particular he has shown innovative ways of thinking about foundation programmes, tailoring and adapting them to local communities in places like Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, and overcoming significant hurdles to provide educational pathways for overseas students. His work has not only included curriculum development, but also sound educational advice, building relationships with senior government officials and increasing the opportunities for and capabilities of English language learners and teachers wanting to access higher education. Speaking on notification of the award, Dr Forage said “It is a great privilege to be recognised by Universitas 21 in this way. I know it will also have very special meaning to all my colleagues at UNSW and UNSW Global, past and present, who have contributed to more than 60 years of high-quality international education. They have laid very strong foundations on which we are still building.”

    Jane Usherwood, Secretary General of Universitas 21, congratulated both awardees, saying “Over the past years we have recognised some outstanding contributions to internationalisation, and the 2015 recipients are no exception.

    “...Dr Forage have shown that internationalisation is more than just an abstract concept, by putting time, energy and talent into creating higher education openings for students across the world, irrespective of background or nationality, turning potential problems of language, location or circumstance into positive learning experiences, challenges and opportunities. We are delighted to acknowledge the impact of their outstanding work.”

    A second 2015 U21 Award has been given to Professor Stephen Hillier for his long-term dedication to international education, in particular in relation to the links forged between the University of Edinburgh and the University of Delhi.

    The hand-crafted wood and glass awards will be presented at a special ceremony in May 2015 as part of U21’s Annual Presidential Meeting, being held at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

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